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As a society, we’ve been challenged by uncertainty. But as small businesses, we’re united by our communities, and we all need to do our part to navigate this uncertain time together.

It’s your time to thrive.

In the past, many brands have responded to recessions and troublesome times by pulling back on their marketing. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that when times are good, you should advertise. And when times are bad, you must advertise.

(get online to get ahead)

Save & Grow

Take advantage of lower ad rates to obtain more market share.

Adapt & Resonate

Shift your message to reflect your customers’ current needs.

Inspire & Improve

Project positivity to inspire and maintain your brand image.

Refresh & Rise

Revitalize your brand to establish true market differentiation.

Looking to drive sales during this downtime?

Enjoy real results and responsive support with an affordable brand program that works for you. Created for small businesses, by a small business.*

Pick Your Plan

*Under $5 million in annual revenue. Available for purchase by any small business that has not had an open account with Asen in the last 12 months.

Time online has already spiked over 20%, making now the perfect time for small businesses to get ahead!

Stay connected to your audience and be prepared to adapt to their changing needs during this critical time. Small businesses should be using this time to:

  • Engage
  • Educate
  • Inform
  • Entertain
  • Discover
  • Connect

Digital Marketing Bundles

Which plan is right for you?

Tier 1


$500 / month
with a 6 month contract

  • Social Media Management 1
Tier 2


$1300 / month
with a 6 month contract

  • Social Management 1
    Digital Ad Campaign 2
    (desired ad buy is additional)
  • SEO: Setup & Optimization
  • Eblast (1 per month)
Tier 3


$2200 / month
with a 6 month contract

  • Social Media Management 1
  • SEO: Setup & Optimization
  • Eblast (1 per month)
  • Initial Digital Ad Design 3
  • Digital Ad Campaign 2
    (desired ad buy is additional)
Tier 4


$2900 / month
with a 6 month contract

  • Social Media Management 1
  • SEO: Setup & Optimization
  • Eblast (1 per month)
  • Blog or Infographic (1 per month)
  • Digital Landing Page Development
  • 1-Hour Monthly Virtual Consultation
  • Initial Digital Ad Design 3
  • Digital Ad Campaign 2
    (desired ad buy is additional)
Not a small business, but still interested in developing a cost-efficient plan unique to your brand?
Let’s Chat!
or call 865.424.0060

1 Includes 2 posts per week on 2 platforms of your choosing, ongoing comment monitoring, and standard graphic template designs. Boosting is available at an additional cost and highly recommended for maximum engagement with your customers.

2 Includes setup and monitoring of campaign.

3 Designed to seamlessly fit multiple sizes for use across multiple platforms.

Value-Added Services*


1-Hour Virtual Marketing Consultation ($150)

Brand Evaluation ($300)
Includes 1-hour virtual consultation, basic assessment, and recommendations for moving forward.

Competitor Assessment ($300)
Includes 1-hour consultation and basic assessment of 1-2 key competitors.


Digital Ad Design ($500)
Desired ad buy is additional.

:30 – :45 Animated Explainer Video ($750)

Eblast ($450)
Designed, developed, and sent to list.

Startup Website ($4,560)
Simple, 5 page website package with available add-ons. Homepage looping video from still photos. ($335)


Email List Development ($TBD)
*based on industry and audience parameters.

Ecommerce shop setup (Shopify) ($TBD)
*based on number of products & functionality.

Digital Landing Page Development ($750)
Requires Hosting Fee ($25/month) / Includes one minor update, (ex. image or text changes), per month.

Have a question about these add-ons?

Let’s Chat!
or call 865.424.0060

*Add-on services available with a signed monthly agreement.

Just who are we, you ask?

Rooted in your success as if it was our own (because it is), Asen is a full-service creative agency that’s been investing in brands and encouraging 360° growth for nearly 40 years. A fellow small business focused on generating BIG results, we’ve got the proven experience and dedication needed to take your brand straight to the top!

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