2016 season is in full swing

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2016 Season Is In Full Swing

The Super Bowl. Really, it’s all about the ads, isn’t it? Those little 30 second sit-coms or tear-jerkers that are as much about entertainment as advertising. If you don’t believe that, check out what is the most searched Google and YouTube term today (and likely most of this week)…“best 2016 Super Bowl Ads.”

Super Bowl ads have turned into mini-movies. When you pull up the big brand ads from this year, you don’t get just the 30 second as-aired video. You get the “full length, director’s cut” edition with click-able links for additional content at the end. The production values and CGI special effects are on-par with most every block-buster Hollywood production… and starring many of the same actors; Ryan Reynolds, Alec Baldwin, Helen Murren…

The marriage of entertainment and the internet is in full swing. My personal favorite (from an advertising business perspective) is how a small Texas Attorney has leveraged incredibly bad You Tube videos into internet popularity to the point that he ended up with a fully credited apperance in a Super Bowl commercial. So bad they’re funny You Tube lawyer videos have landed Bryan E. Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk, in a nationally broadcast most-watched television commercial! A small back-water Texas Attorney landed in the most coveted advertising spot on US television AT NO COST. You can’t make this stuff up.

So, whether your favorite was the aging astronaut for Audi, the freakish puppy-monkey-baby from Mountain Dew, or the Dorito’s ultra-sound, go binge watch and enjoy the entire season’s episodes.



Mark Perriguey
Senior Art & IT Director

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