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Can anyone be a graphic designer?

A lot of people think if you work on a computer… design must be easy. Because all you have to do is to play with colors, create geometric shapes, arrange text and voilà! Sounds like everyone can do it, right?

That is like saying everyone who owns a camera is a good photographer. But let’s be honest, not everyone with a DSLR can take perfectly compositioned, head-turning photos.

Apps that design

Today, we are bombarded with applications which do the hard work for us. Literally, you only need 5 minutes to create something from nothing. But does that mean that everyone can call themselves designers?

Using these software tools can definitely help with execution (and time), but to truly be a good designer, you need deeper knowledge of what is being designed and why. It involves gaining a clear understanding of what the need is and how to visually stimulate the target audience from the delicate combination of pictures and words.

Software and creativity is just a bridge to becoming a good graphic designer. Everyone can learn to cook, but without the right knowledge they won’t become the next Gordon Ramsey. Same with design.


Some of my favorite design apps include:

For inspiration:
& Behance

Mill Colour- to help yo replicate more advanced photo filters.

And for more great apps check out this list:
60 Best iPhone apps for designers

Kaya Brown
Jr. Graphic Designer

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