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What is Project Brandaid?

Project BrandAid, PBA, is a collaborative community venture in which local branding specialists comprised of advertising firms, strategy professionals, media talent, digital and print specialists and more join together for a better cause. It’s about giving back to our Knoxville community by utilizing what we know and do best.

The Beginning

Our team at Asen Marketing had been discussing ideas on how to work for a cause and become part of something that does good for our local area. However, nothing seemed to resonate with the group as the right thing to do.

Then, one day, an Asen team member saw a business with handwritten cardboard signs in the window advertising their product. That was the day, the moment, Project BrandAid was started. “We know how to help brands succeed and grow, so why don’t we use our skills to help a small business in need within our own community?! Let’s use this opportunity to partner with other groups in an otherwise ultra competitive industry to use our skills collectively and really help grow a brand. Let’s unite our industry together and give back to the community.”

The Mission

Project BrandAid was quickly adopted by our partners and the first year of PBA took off with flying success. We were truly able to work together for a larger cause and fulfill our mission to:

  • Give Back to the Community – by helping a deserving, local business.
  • Develop a Strong Brand Foundation – and make a small, local business shine.
  • Branding Together – bringing the marketing community together for a good cause.

What exactly does Project BrandAid do?

The selected winner of PBA will be analyzed by our specialists to determine how we can best support and help grow their business. Maybe the winner needs a reworking of their branding, new website, digital marketing, print collateral or other services. The goal is to help a small business succeed, and the sponsoring partners will work together to make that happen.

How You Can Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in PBA. Each year we seek industry specialists who earnestly want to give back in a selfless way and help make our Knoxville community stronger. These partners are asked to help spread the word of PBA utilizing their preferred method of communication and, after a deserving company has been selected, they work collaboratively to determine how they can truly help the winner.

PBA also needs the community’s help to spread the word. Worthy candidates need to be found and nominated for their chance to win the collective prize of $50K worth of advertising and marketing services. Do you know a business owner or company that has a great service or product but needs help being noticed? Nominate them or yourself! One company will ultimately win the prize.

It’s worth it!

Asen Marketing’s team and industry partners envisioned Project BrandAid as a community wide endeavor. It’s not about showing off our skills and shining a light on ourselves. It’s about working together with our neighbors and community to help a small business succeed. Yes, businesses and brands are what make up Knoxville; however, beyond the brand name lies individual hardworking people. PBA is about finding and highlighting hardworking individuals that need a little extra help. So… let’s help!

For more information on Project BrandAid visit It’s hard for a small business to get ahead. So, let’s help!

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