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Put Your Best Face Forward

Portrait photography is unforgiving when it comes to hiding skin imperfections. Due to newer technology with increased pixel range and resolution capabilities, photos can show every blemish. Having been in this industry for years on both sides of the camera, I truly believe it is better to prevent than cover up, because retouching is a very time consuming practice.

Tricks of the Trade

It’s VERY important to take care of your skin in advance of a photo shoot! It makes the photographer’s work easier and it definitely helps boost the self-confidence of the subject being photographed.

Here are some quick tips on how to prep your skin before a photo shoot:

Skin, hair and nails:
  1. Do a peel two days prior to the photo shoot. It will remove any dead skin and make your skin glow from within.
  2. Don’t forget about moisturizer!
  3. If you wear your hair straight and down every day- do not attempt to make your head full of luscious locks. You won’t feel like yourself and those bouncy curls might distract you.
  4. Do not overuse styling products on your hair. Hairspray can seriously make your hair look lumpy and sticky.
  5. There are no soft feelings for big roots. Get a touch up!
  6. If you usually don’t use color on your nails, a transparent nail polish will look fine. It will enhance the natural color of your nails, making them look clean and shiny in the photos.

Very important! This is not a fashion show or a masquerade, so take it easy and do your makeup the same way you do it every day. It will help you feel and look like yourself.

  1. Photo shoots might be stressful sometimes, so please remember to use loose powder for everyone in your photo to touch up any shiny spots.
  2. Do not use any glittery or pearl makeup. It will reflect the light, making you look too shiny or even oily.
  3. If there is a makeup artist on the set, show up without make up and let them do their job.
  4. Do not test new makeup right before a photo shoot. It might cause an allergic reaction or melt after an hour of shooting.

Remember, trust your photographer, have fun, relax and enjoy the photoshoot!

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