Why drones will swirl the marketing world

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Marketing is Sure to Fly High With the Introduction of Dronese

Recently, there is a rising use of drones in the marketing world. Advertising agencies usually use the traditional media outlets to convey their messages to consumers, such as TV spots, billboards and flyers. But now we can also add the use of drones. Drones are growing in popularity mainly due to their capability of offering high quality video and photographs. With a “bird’s eye” perspective, which gives the viewer a fresh, non-traditional viewpoint and a natural floating feeling.

With the advent of smaller and bleeding-edge technologies, drones are becoming relatively inexpensive with amazing quality cameras.

Some drones can even fit in the palm of your hand! Video marketing is growing tremendously, because we’ve all heard the old adage, a picture is worth a 1000 words, so why not add video in there also ;). Drones are also much cheaper than traditional aerial filming and photography. There is no need to rent a helicopter, pay the pilot, and cameraman to get the same footage and shots. Drones have the capability to get beautiful establishing shots of buildings, businesses, and have the ability to track subjects and moving objects. Sometimes, they have been flown indoors and can be used handheld (turned off of course), because of their outstanding camera stabilization system. Many drones have automated features, so you can set waypoints on a satellite map, and it will even fly that route for you!

If you’ve ever seen an advertisement, commercial, or YouTube ad with aerial or tracking shots, more often than not, it was shot with a drone.

If you haven’t noticed, you probably will now hehe, sorry ;). You’d be surprised how many marketing companies are adding drones to their arsenal of tools and tricks. Drone shots can add that extra boost to a video that will get the attention and awe of a potential or current client wanting to find that niche or edge to one-up their competition.

So to sum it up…

Drones are an amazing tool for the amateur all the way up to the professional marketing employee. They’re even good enough for the Hollywood cinema! The possibilities with drones are endless. It is exciting to see what the future of marketing evolves into with the help of drones.

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