Breaking Stigmas

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It goes without saying most industries are stereotyped.

For those stuck within those industries it can be challenging to change outside perspectives without the help of a little storytelling. Prospects, clients and even your own employees want to understand who you are as a brand beyond brick and mortar and spreadsheets. They want to know and understand your story so they can align themselves with your brand’s mission and beliefs and tell others why they work with such a great brand!

Tell Your Story with Video

In the marketing world, there is no better way (other than face to face) to tell a compelling story than… video. Words on a page just can’t carry the same emotional level or believability as a video within a matter of 30 secs. This is why more brands are turning to video to help them tell their story. And thanks to advancing technology, producing high quality videos is not the budget breaker that it once was! Times have changed…

Case Study

Coulter & Justus (C&J), an award winning East Tennessee CPA firm, expressed desire for their community, prospects and current clients to have a better understanding of who they are and what they have to offer, beyond simply accounting services. Unfortunately, CPA firms are often thought of as reserved and somewhat ‘stiff’, but the group at C&J wanted East Tennessee to see beyond that stigma. C&J wanted to show they are real people that care about their clients and are passionate about what they do.

Our Asen Marketing team and C&J partnered to brainstorm ideas on how to best reflect the CPA firm in a more relaxing light. After brainstorming, we agreed the best way for the firm to portray itself in a friendly manner would be through a short online video. Our team produced a video that showcased culture, team members, client testimonials and more, utilizing storytelling through video and helping break the industry stigma.

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