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Here’s what’s entertaining us this month!

Being in the marketing industry requires at least a slight knowledge of most things pop culture. So, it’s not surprising that here at Asen, we’re all about keeping up with the newest in entertainment. Take a look at what shows, books and movies we are all enjoying this month!

Recommended by: Mark
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
What Made Him Love It: Fun murder mystery cop novel series that is set in the Twin Cities Minnesota area. No deep thinking is required, just a fun read.

Recommended by: Ally
Genre: Historical Drama
What Made Her Love It: It is fun to see Meryl Streep in roles of strong, independent women, but this movie her character’s growing confidence is what makes her a role model for all women to look up to.

Recommended by: Amanda
Genre: Action
What Made Her Love It: All the Marvel movies are good, but Thor: Ragnarok is definitely one of the funniest – the dialogue and casting is perfect!

Recommended by: Mark
Genre: Historical Drama
What Made Him Love It: Excellent acting and cinematography. A unique look into the mind and personality of a not well known historical figure. Nice counterpoint/prequel to Dunkirk if you liked that film.

Recommended by: Derek
Genre: Historical
What Made Him Love It: I’m thoroughly enjoying The Story of World War II. It was Paul, of course, who sparked my interest. The book is eye-opening — we all know about World War II, but diving into the details of it really puts the enormity of it into perspective and educates about how much it contributed to modern day society and world politics.

Recommended by: Melissa
Genre: Self-Care
What Made Her Love It: One of my favorite parts of the job has always been the natural high that I get when a design comes together or when I solve a code issue. This book explores that feeling, why it happens and how it affects us, and I’m enjoying learning more about the subject.

Recommended by: Ally
Genre: True Crime
What Made Her Love It: I am obsessed with anything True Crime, and I am also a follower of fashion, so this was a no-brainer for me!

Recommended by: Melissa
Genre: Comedy-drama
What Made Her Love It: It’s a really great Amazon Original with interesting, well-developed characters and beautiful cinematography.

Recommended by: Brookney
Genre: Comedy-drama
What Made Her Love It: This series had me captivated with the opening scene… never lost interest. Truly a work of art.

Recommeded by: Amanda
Genre: Business
What Made Her Love It: Adam Ferrier’s time in the ad world gave me an insider’s perspective on the behaviors of some big-name clients, campaigns and agencies. Loved it!

What are you reading or watching? Leave us a comment below with your faves!

ps. if you haven’t heard of MoviePass, we highly recommend looking into seeing if it is available in your area!

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