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Our digital team is growing!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after 35 years, it’s that marketing is constantly evolving and your agency should be, too. With that being said, we’re extremely excited to announce the expansion of our digital team! Last month, we welcomed two new team members to our home away from home. Already partners in crime and creativity after only four short weeks in the office together, Skylar and Colin are ready to rock the digital marketing cyber-world for our clients.

Meet Skylar

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Skylar Smith, comes to Asen with a Communications and Business Management degree from Maryville College. Upon graduating, Skylar set out to oversee the digital strategy and branding for a handful of businesses. But that’s not his only area of interest… In addition to his experience in digital marketing, he also has a natural flare for photography and copywriting. When asked about his future at Asen, he’ll tell you he’s most excited to “learn and grow in as many specialities as possible.”

Meet Colin

Digital Strategist, Colin Carson, comes to Asen having served as a lead digital marketing specialist at two widely-known media companies. His primary responsibilities at Asen will span from SEO to implementing digital and social media marketing campaigns to measuring and reporting analytics. In addition to his behind-the-scenes digital duties, Colin will also be involved in the account management side of things and is excited to develop strong relationships with our digital clients.

What do these additions mean for our clients?

An expanded team means expanded value for our clients and the projects they’ve entrusted us with. At Asen, we hire team members who bring unique skills and experience to our “family table.” This way, our clients always receive the most creative, innovative work and have long-term access to highly-specialized industry experts.

It’s extremely important to us that those we work with— whether internally or externally— get a sense of our strong team culture from the moment they step foot in our door. We’re already confident that Skylar and Colin will add to our culture and are excited to have them on board!

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