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“The Happy Secret To Better Work” by Shawn Achor

Psychologist, Shawn Achor, uses storytelling, humor, and personal experience to explore ways to work better and be happier. One of the more concise videos I’ve seen (it’s just over 10 minutes), this is a great “pick me up” for people in any industry who are looking to find MORE happiness in the work they do, especially during difficult or stressful times.

Shawn leads with a story on his time as a student at Harvard, and how most people assume Harvard students have nothing to be unhappy about… which brings him to the overall point of the TedTalk: understanding the science behind true, daily happiness.

Personally, one of my parts in this TedTalk is that only 25% of job success is predicted by IQ, while 75% is predicted by your optimism levels, social support, and your ability to view stress as a challenge versus a threat to your happiness. Thinking about work that way is eye opening, and I’m grateful to have a professional support system in my teammates at Asen!

Running Time:  12:05 mins

Want to learn more?

If you enjoy this talk and want to read more about “The Happiness Advantage, I recommend checking out Achor’s book of the same name, The Happiness Advantage, available on Amazon.

For more TED Talks like this one you can check out the TED Talks Daily podcast on Spotify.

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