Can’t Stop Thinking About It? Then Don’t Stop Working for It

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Small business owners and team members,

Now is the time for open collaboration and real, authentic human connection. This is the time to make a valiant effort to unite and grow together, instead of regressing into fear of the unknown. 

Each of us has an optimal opportunity at hand to persevere and grow— as individuals and as collective teams. Be open with your ideas and share with others. Many of our nation’s top business experts acknowledge brands who endure troubling times by pivoting their business during hard times will bounce back more quickly than those who won’t stray from familiar ground. Now is the time to get creative as a brand.

Small businesses create magic in communities and help inspire unique cultures. No matter what we do, our daily lives directly revolve around small business. These businesses are run by real people… our neighbors, family, and friends. As a small business ourselves, our hearts are with those in similar predicaments, which is why our entire team immediately responded to this crisis by collectively lending a hand to others in need. 

Use obstacles as opportunities to grow instead of excuses to quit. 

At a time like this, it’s crucial to not lose touch with current consumers and prospects alike. The old saying, “out of sight out of mind,” is not what you want. You want to stay top of mind among consumers. This will pass, and when it does you want to represent a brand that is well-recognized, trusted and sought after in your market. A strong leader, no matter your business size. 

Consumers are highly active online right now, given that most are at home following social distancing guidelines. If you’ve never considered digital marketing, now is the time to do so for your brand. Engage with your consumers on a new level. Share stories and connect with them. Become their go-to source for valuable information and creative ideation. 

To begin your digital marketing journey, decide what your business needs first. Need help producing engaging content that ignites your social media following? Looking to generate effective eblasts around new product or service launches? Maybe you want to drive qualified leads to your site as a way to load your sales pipeline. Or maybe you don’t have a website to begin with yet. Regardless of where you are, we’re here to listen and help guide you in the right direction for your brand. No matter what.

Thus, Amplify was created. 

Amplify offers budget-friendly marketing packages specifically for small businesses trying to navigate digital marketing, which is more important than ever right now. Our digital marketing packages were carefully crafted to meet a full range of business needs, from social media management to digital campaigning. Flexible and adaptable for you.

Asen’s 35+ years of experience in marketing and advertising has led us through several recessions, of which we came out of the other side stronger and wiser than before. We understand today’s struggles firsthand, and we hope to be a trusted advisor for your brand to lean on during these uncertain times. 

Remember, as a society, whether or not we thrive tomorrow depends on how we respond to uncertainty today. 

Amplify your business. Challenge yourself to grow beyond your comfort zones. Take action now to thrive tomorrow by partnering with an ambitious agency that authentically wants to help others grow and overcome. 

When you’re ready, we’ll be here for you. Until then, I’ll leave you with this challenge:

If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. 

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