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We know 2020 has been a challenging and overwhelming year for everyone, so we’ve been working hard “behind the scenes” to create solutions that will continue to help other businesses and people thrive in an ever-changing climate and market.

Now, we’re here to share a little bit about what we’ve been up to in hopes that it helps you or someone you know receive the support they need during a difficult time. Whether you’re a small business owner, C-suite leader, or simply a friend of the community, read along to learn how you can help others thrive to end your year on a positive note.

CareCuts of Knoxville:
Comprehensive care for the local homeless community.

Just over four years ago, CareCuts of Knoxville started serving its local homeless community. Since then, this nonprofit has been providing free salon services, meals, clothing and PPE, transportation, job support, and safe housing to those in need.

After learning that CareCuts operates on a 100% volunteer basis, the Asen team collectively decided to lend a hand by providing pro-bono marketing materials, including a new website, video, and collateral. But after digging deeper into CareCuts’ needs, it was clear they needed help with a larger problem: consistently securing volunteers for their monthly events.

With Giving Tuesday tomorrow, if you or someone you know is looking to make a difference in the Knoxville community, visit for ways you can get involved. Every helping hand counts— especially now.

Budget-friendly digital marketing packages for small businesses.

Even during a global pandemic, life and business must (safely) go on. That’s where Amplify comes in. In April of this year, we started to realize that the threat of COVID-19 wasn’t going anywhere fast, so our team buckled down and created a brand new program for small businesses everywhere.

Amplify works by helping businesses navigate digital marketing during a time when consumers are online more than ever. Our four carefully-crafted packages meet a full range of business needs, from social media management to email marketing and beyond.

Know a small business owner who’s struggling to strategize in a volatile market? Amplify may be just what they need to not only survive, but thrive long after COVID-19. Visit or give us a call at (865) 769-0006 to learn more about our four affordable options for strategic digital marketing packages.

Advocates (Friends of Asen):
Giving back with a brand new referral program coming soon!

To show our appreciation for friends who advocate on Asen’s behalf, we’re giving back with rewards that grow with every referral. This program was born during a dark time, but our hope is that it helps bring a little light back into people’s lives.

Here’s how it’ll work: In addition to high-end rewards like electronics, tech gadgets, and outdoor gear, every qualified referral you send us means you did your part to:

  • Connect someone with the resources they need
  • Help build strong businesses
  • Support your local community

So, know a brand in need of some marketing magic? This exclusive new program is set to launch soon, so stay tuned for more information coming your way!

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