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How familiar are you with team Asen?

Our partners, vendors, and community members know us as an all-inclusive marketing and advertising agency. But beyond that, our team is a melting pot of creative Knoxvillians with diverse interests, hobbies, and backgrounds.

Keep reading for some fun facts about a few of our team members that you may be surprised to learn…

We’re Crazy About Collectibles

Mini Brands from Sam’s Collection

Did you know Sam and Brookney, two of our creatives at Asen, each collect unique items in their spare time? Sam, our Junior Designer, may not be a millennial, but her love of Beanie Babies is a true ode to the ‘90s. In addition to these infamous Ty brand products, Sam also enjoys collecting mini brands—mystery packages with random miniature versions of products we all know and love.

Our Creative/Account Director, Brookney, on the other hand, does most of her collecting during trips to the beach. She has a sharp eye for finding shark teeth and has gathered quite the collection over the years. One day, she hopes to make a map or some sort of fun shark tooth art out of her findings!

There Are Champions Among Us

Maybe it’s the creative marketers in us, but many of our team members love a good challenge and a little bit of friendly competition. Amanda G. (affectionately known as “AC” around Asen) and Stacey are two great examples…

It may surprise you to learn that AC, our Account Coordinator, is a world ranked pinball player. Though she’ll tell you her skills today aren’t quite what they used to be, she was the first and only female to win a Women’s Tournament in Knoxville. This title earned her the nickname “Classics Queen” in honor of her love of older games. The best part? Her and her husband have met a ton of cool people and even made lifelong friends during their pinball days!

Mia with her Prize Ribbon

Stacey, our COO, and her family also enjoy a good competition… In their case, at dog shows! Their Dalmatian, Mia, is a show dog that started in confirmation and is shifting into the performance sports circuit. Who wouldn’t vote for this all-star face?

We Follow Our Passions

Another commonality around Asen is a dedication to following our own passions outside of work. This helps keep us feeling refreshed and inspired, so we can be our most productive when we are at work…

For our Web Designer & Developer, Melissa, one of those passions is crafting. In the fall and winter seasons, you can find her cutting petal after petal out of felt to make flowers for all of her friends and family members. This passion began as a way to keep busy during quarantine in 2020 and has evolved to become an annual hobby.

Mel’s Craft Corner Full of Felt!

Quinton, our Technologist & Web Developer, finds joy in adventure seeking. For him, that can be a new trail to bike or a new travel experience. You may be surprised to learn that he once drove from the East coast to the West coast in just over 5 days during a cross-country trip! Starting at Lyons, Georgia and ending up in Los Angeles, California, he recalls how tiring but fun the trip was… “I basically survived on bananas, bread, and combos,” he shared.

Every holiday season, our Copywriter & Content Manager, Amanda M., explores her passion for helping others by finding ways to give back to essential workers. She started this tradition in 2018 and has since delivered tins of baked treats, essential items, or other goodies to local fire stations, animal shelters, veterinary offices, and hospitals.

We Share Because We Care

As a team, we want you to know who we are and what we’re passionate about, which is why we love sharing more about ourselves with you. We’d love to hear from you about your passions and interests, too!

Join us on social media for more fun facts like this or let’s connect to get to know each other better over a brief Zoom chat or coffee meet up.

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Our team members are eager to learn and passionate about growth — not just for our partners, but for themselves and their fellow teammates. Oh, and they love to have fun. Enjoy a peak behind the scenes of Asen.

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