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Don’t just think out of the box…

Think about the box.

0.7 to 2.2 seconds — that’s how long the average consumer takes to decide which product to grab off the shelf. This means getting the consumer’s attention is one of the most critical factors in driving the sale. Your packaging needs to be optimized to grab their attention and keep it.

72% of consumers say packaging design can influence their purchasing decision.
70% of consumers form their impression of a brand based solely on packaging.
Over half (52%) of consumers say they’ll pay extra for products if they like the packaging.
Reports show a 30% increase in consumer interest when a business shows strong attention to packaging.
63% of consumers consider packaging as important as the brand itself.
52% of consumers say they’ll return to a product again if it includes premium packaging.

Boxes, Bottles, & Bags — Oh My!

We’ve done it all. From food-safe retail to point-of-purchase displays and protective packaging for shipping, we’ve got you covered!

Brand Boosting Experience

At Asen, we have over 35 years of experience developing stellar packaging designs that have increased sales by the millions for companies in a wide range of industries. Whether it’s creating a design from scratch or putting a new spin on your current branding, we’ll develop a strategy that fits your specific industry needs within your timeline and budget. Check out a variety of our packaging work below.

Our Design Process

Solve-all strategies for packaging design are hard to come by, but 36 years of experience makes it pretty simple to break down:

“The introduction of our new Purity 2-piece ice cream carton created by Asen increased our market share by 29% in the first 6 weeks it was out.”

- Doug Sanders, VP, Ice Cream Marketing for Purity Dairies

“Family Brands International experienced a 58% sales growth in our BBQ Pulled Pork and Rib line simply by having Asen remake the label. Asen’s philosophy of packaging has been instrumental in growing our brands.”

- John Edd Wampler, COO, Family Brands International

“The new Vietti Chili label design accounted for an increase in 4th quarter sales by over 40% from the previous year, and we had no additional promotional or advertising support. It was all about the new label.”

- Philip Connelly, VP Marketing, Vietti Foods Inc.

Ready to take YOUR packaging to the next level?

At Asen, we believe in building strong relationships based on integrity and mutual growth. That’s why we’ve become an established industry leader by continually evolving and improving in our service offerings and expertise.

Our ability to complete projects on time and within budget, coupled with our willingness to partner with in-house design teams, offers a financial advantage for you. A conscientious attitude on efficiencies, plus careful budget planning and project procedures, make us good stewards of our clients’ resources.