Morale Manager

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”

― Sigmund Freud

Oh, for the love of Bob… Our furriest friend at Asen, Bob holds many roles (and names, for that matter). From office snugglin’ to desktop nappin’, Bob does it all. But still, his thirst for adventure is never quite quenched.

Those who know us best know Bob’s an escape artist at heart. So much so, that we’ve come to expect his greeting by the door every morning. If you’re not careful, this cool cat will do whatever it takes to sneak past your feet and grab a mouthful of grass before coming back inside for his pre-afternoon nap.

Originally adopted under the name Garfield, Bob became Bob soon after settling into his new home. It only took a few days at Asen for our beloved resident tabby to show his sassy side, which prompted his “in trouble” nickname: Robert.

Currently, his favorite spot to hang is on Quinton’s desk, where you’ll find him using Q’s former backpack as his new make-shift bed.

I love to chomp on plants (even though it makes my family mad).

I spend about 75% of my days asleep. And that's puuuurrfect!

Science says my purrs make people happier! Go ahead, Google it.

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