Website redesign: the rundown

a new website: the rundown

You may think that branding is a simple process, especially when a brand is already established (we’ve been in operation for over 30 years!). But refreshing a brand takes a lot of time, hard work, and patience. After months of planning, designing, and developing, we’ve finally launched a brand new website. Below, we look at all the steps leading up to the launch.

Planning Strategy

This is the first, and most important step in the whole process. Defining the brand objectives, writing a creative brief, and making finite decisions that will mandate all following steps. There are four ingredients that are crucial to this step:

  • Research- being current on industry trends, web innovations, and understanding the demographics and behaviors of your target audience
  • Defining Objectives- what are we trying to accomplish? Having a set destination helps to break down the steps to achieving success
  • Setting the Tone- defining the overall personality, writing clear guidelines for making everything unified, and understanding the tone of voice
  • Next Steps List- listing out the next steps and arranging these in order of importance



Before design is ever thought out, there comes what we like to call wireframes. These (totally awesome) gridlines help to map out what the webpage will look like and how it will function. We strategize how a visitor sees, moves around, and interprets the content on the page. This process often goes through TONS of revisions—making everything groove smoothly is an integral part to moving forward.


Fortunate for us, we already had some copy to work with. Taking only the most important elements of the existing copy, we rewrote our message to reflect the tone of voice and personality that we’d previously defined. We infused more of our own personalities, incorporating our quirkier side so everyone can get a better sense of who the asen team really is.

Along with this, we updated our portfolio and included new projects (like these).


Our in-house photographer, Andrew, helped us take new and exciting photos to freshen up our selection a bit.

Building out the Website

Armed with content, we began building the site—writing code, cross-platform testing, and developing engagement pieces (like our social feed).

Finally, the Launch!

Although it took awhile, we’re excited to finally launch. Have you had a chance to visit our site? What are your thoughts?


Mallory Strange
Social Media Coordinator