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While natural foods are the best source of vitamins and minerals, sometimes it is difficult to get everything your body needs in your diet. This is especially true for those who have undergone bariatric surgery. BariLife has created all-in-one bariatric multivitamins and supplements to help keep patients healthy after surgery and prevent vitamin deficiencies.

What We Did

Market Research
Logo Redesign
Tagline Development
Website Design & Development
Packaging Design
Tradeshow Collateral
Digital Marketing
Animated Mascot
Print Marketing
Social Media

Bringing “Life” to BariLife’s Branding

BariLife approached Asen in need of a complete brand revamp that would propel them past the competition in a competitive supplement industry.

Asen began by analyzing the competitive market and developing a brand story that would differentiate BariLife and connect them with their target audience. We then moved on to development of a new logo, website design, packaging design, and marketing collateral to match the enhanced brand message.

Old Logo
Updated Logo

We took BariLife’s logo and created a more modern design that included brighter greens and yellows that evoke feelings of energy and life, while also updating their tagline to “it’s for me” to help it resonate with post-bariatric surgery patients and give them something to identify with.

Introducing Dr. Bee!

Dealing with the effects of bariatric surgery can be difficult, and reading through pages of supplement information can often be quite dreary and monotonous. For this reason, we created Dr. Bee as a brand mascot that could provide BariLife’s customers with simplified information in a lighthearted, positive manner that would differentiate them from the competition! Representative of their founder, Dr. Stephen Boyce (informally known as Dr. B), this animated character not only gave BariLife a friendlier voice, but also helped capture their customers’ attention!

Note: Honey bees are symbolic of community, brightness, and personal power — all things that BariLife exudes through their branding!

Packaging Design

Asen designed all aspects of BariLife’s packaging, establishing a consistent look across all products with some slight variations depending on flavor or product type. Updating the packaging made a drastic difference in customer appeal, which led to more sales for BariLife.

Trade Show Collateral

After establishing a cohesive feel for BariLife’s branding, Asen was tasked with supplying BariLife with trade show collateral that would boost sales.

Print Marketing

We designed print marketing collateral for BariLife, including a trifold brochure, a booklet to help physicians educate their patients on BariLife’s supplements, and an instructional booklet for their “Diet Class” regimen, just to name a few!

Video Production

Clearly explaining the benefits and science behind a product is especially important in the supplement industry. Videos are an extremely effective way to appeal to your audience and tend to hold attention longer than written text by using enticing, relatable visuals. From informative videos about BariLife supplements, to heartfelt customer testimonials and statements from Dr. Boyce himself, Asen has helped BariLife bring their message to life through eye-catching professional videos.


Asen also executed the photography for BariLife’s brand revamp, carrying through consistent themes of brightness, positivity, and warmth to match their branding.

Going Digital

Once BariLife’s branding and imagery were developed, it was time to take BariLife’s upgraded look to the web and make their name known on a larger scale. BariLife’s old website was difficult to navigate, wasn’t mobile-friendly, and wasn’t optimized to drive conversions. Their new website came together beautifully, combining their bright, energetic feel with seamless UX functionality, and was loaded with e-commerce features to drive more sales. In addition to their website, Asen has helped BariLife drive sales and increase awareness through tactful Google AdWords campaigns and effective social media management.

The Results

BariLife’s brand revamp, combined with strong traditional and digital marketing, gave them the boost they needed to become a strong force in the bariatric supplement industry. They received increased interactions at trade shows, better buy-in from physicians carrying their products, stronger social engagement, a huge boost in website traffic, and most importantly, a dramatic spike in sales. While Asen now works with BariLife on an intermittent basis for special projects, Bari Life continues to reap the benefits of their upgraded branding and marketing collateral developed by Asen.

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