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Simple food made with the finest, freshest ingredients. That’s what this brand is all about. Part of the Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants, Calhoun’s is a full-service, casual restaurant that brings simplicity and quality together to create a menu full of Southern favorites.

What We Did

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Logo Update
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Seeking Strong Branding

Calhoun’s came to Asen with a few brand improvements in mind. The restaurant needed to consolidate their branding to become more consistent and recognizable in the eyes of hungry East Tennessee residents. They also needed to solidify their reputation as a restaurant that produces quality food.

Since we love helping our clients succeed, we couldn’t wait to start brainstorming solutions to Calhoun’s challenges. Our team came up with a variety of complex, integrated strategies that would help deliver strong branding across the board.

We started the rebranding process by updating their logo. The subtle changes made to the design and tagline appeal to the restaurant’s prideful, Southern audience by highlighting traditional, American colors and symbols, as well as bringing the logo up to-date in regards to design trends and aesthetic.

Original Logo
Updated Logo

The same colors and styles were then used in developing the website in order to gain consistency and improve brand recognition.

Mouthwatering Meals Captured

In the restaurant industry, stand-out product photography is a major factor in a brand’s success. When searching where to eat online, many people trust photos of food more than reviews or recommendations from strangers. Because people tend to eat with their eyes first, we believed Calhoun’s was missing an opportunity here.

We’ve mastered the art of getting clean, creative shots for food industry clients. We sprinkled new Calhoun’s photography all over their marketing plan, from their website and social media to simple, yet eye-catching billboards. This led them to increased recognition and set them apart from other restaurants in the area. Today, most East Tennessee burger-lovers can spot a Calhoun’s burger in a photo lineup— yep, their photos (and burgers) really are that good!

Keeping Guests Informed

Email marketing also plays an important role in success in the restaurant industry. Our strategy for this medium consisted of developing concise content that was informative, yet creative. Catchy subject lines and highlighted in-house promotions continue to captivate current and prospective guests’ attention and entice them into venturing to their nearest Calhoun’s!

We’re happy to say that we’ve grown Calhoun’s email marketing into a thriving program that often meets AND exceeds the industry’s average open rate.

Collateral for a Cause

Calhoun’s proudly partners with the American Cancer Society to make strides in the fight against breast cancer. Over the last three years, their ongoing program, Making Strides for More Birthdays, has raised over $100,000 for women in need across East Tennessee. To help increase awareness and encourage community involvement, we developed various collateral for the program, including posters, signage, social media graphics, and t-shirts.

Looking to the Future

Effective marketing derives from a forward-thinking team. Our ability to plan ahead has been a key factor in driving success for Calhoun’s. We developed well-organized marketing calendars in advance to keep everyone on track during projects. In the restaurant industry, that means ideas, plans and materials were often developed out-of-season. We always think Christmas in July and summer drinks in winter so that all marketing initiatives are carried out on-time and display our highest quality work.

To this day, our holiday campaigns are still some of our favorite Calhoun’s collateral to work on. We always plan Christmas collateral and brainstorm seasonal e-blast designs in advance to provide ample opportunity for guests to learn about specials, purchase gift cards, and keep informed on holiday hours.

A Long-Term Partnership

Over the past 7 years, Calhoun’s and Asen have developed a strong relationship built on mutual trust and respect. We have consistently helped Calhoun’s and the rest of the Copper Cellar Family stay on top of industry trends and market themselves as unique dining experiences for people throughout the East Tennessee region.

Our partnership thrives on collaboration. We work diligently with the Calhoun’s team to bring new and creative ideas to the table. With our industry expertise and their first-hand knowledge of the brand, success was inevitable– and when our client succeeds, so do we!

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