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In September 2017, cleaning chemical manufacturer and supplier, Midlab, Inc., introduced Facility+ into their extensive line of Maxim cleaning products. Facility+ is a versatile and economical hydrogen-peroxide-based cleaning and disinfecting product that was created around the company’s “Everything Clean” philosophy.

What We Did

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First Steps

The first task our team tackled was positioning the product in Midlab’s market. We needed to create a positioning statement that effectively and accurately represented the company’s goals for Facility+.

In order to do this, we thought about the many benefits of using this product over other cleaners and disinfectants. The product is a safer, cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly solution for gently cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic facilities. That’s a lot of selling points!

Comprehensive industry and competitor research helped us determine that the main benefit of using Facility+ is that it eliminates the need for separate cleaners and disinfectants— so that’s what people need to know first and foremost.

Showing Strength in Strategy

Once we determined its USP, we began branding and promoting Facility+ around its multi-use functionality. We strategized as a team (a lot) and came up with a plan to generate leads and build product awareness in specific, targeted industries. We used sophisticated digital and traditional marketing techniques to show ads to decision makers across multiple platforms.

Results-Oriented Promotion

For Facility+, the goal was the creation and promotion of a campaign for a peroxide-based, two-in-one cleaner and disinfectant. The goal for the campaign was to build product awareness as a better solution for long-term care, hospitality, and educational facilities. Our creative-minded, forward-thinking team knew just how to accomplish this goal and launch Facility+ to the targeted industries successfully.

We used traditional and digital services such as print, video, and online advertising to promote Facility+ to relevant members of the target audience. To add a little fun to the mix, we also used gamification to spur decision makers into action and give the brand an interactive, personal feel. It was as simple as requesting a free sample. If they did that, they were automatically entered to win a free, Midlab branded Yeti cooler!

We set the bar high and are pleased to say that a large number of product samples were requested through targeted email marketing and the digital and social media campaigns. The end result of our efforts was a successful product launch just like we’d hoped and planned for.

Challenge Accepted!

In a crowded market with established competitors, it was our job to show distributors and end-users how Facility+ could simplify their life by keeping everything safe and sparkling clean. During the promotion stage, Facility+ was (and still is) forced to stand against similar competing products that have already been introduced to the market heavily.

Promoting Midlab’s new product in spite of this existing competition and established market presence was no simple task. However, we were determined to make Facility+ stand out by targeting a national market and branding it as a multi-use product with numerous benefits. The more differentiating benefits, the merrier — and Facility+ has a lot! As a result, Midlab is continuing to see growth in both awareness and overall sales for this innovative product.

Finding Success Around Every Corner

Asen continues to run digital campaigns for Facility+ in order to enhance the product’s visibility to key decision makers. But our work with Midlab doesn’t stop there. Based on the success of the Facility+ campaign, we’ve also been tasked with developing additional campaigns for new products.

For close to two years, Midlab has trusted us to get the job done. Moving forward, we strive to extend success to our client and partner by providing continued creative strategies and progressive marketing plans that will help accomplish the company’s goals.

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