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Kelsan has been an industry-leading provider of commercial cleaning products since 1950. Their primary markets include industrial facilities, education, healthcare and building service contractors.

What We Did

Landing Pages
Brand Mascot
Email Marketing
Tagline Development
Case Studies
Direct Mail
Logo Treatment
Digital Marketing
Customer Onboarding

Brand Enhancement

Kelsan needed to enhance their image with professional marketing collateral that would better support their sales efforts.

Asen began with cleaning up their logo by adding a tagline that described what they do for their customers: “We Make You Look Good.”

Old Logo
Updated Logo

Kelsan Saves the Day!

Asen then created a brand mascot to position Kelsan in a fun and empowering way: the Kelsan Superhero. Superheroes are seen as invincible and capable of anything, which is how Asen wanted to position Kelsan in the eyes of their prospective customers. Buying cleaning & packaging supplies from multiple vendors proves to be a hassle and time intensive, but that’s not the case with Kelsan. They’re there to save the day for their customers!

Getting a Foot in the Door

Kelsan’s current method for getting their foot in the door with prospects is to offer a free facility review; however, they lacked marketing collateral that explained the facility review process and its benefits. Asen designed an infographic that summed up the process with clear step-by-step graphics. They have seen appointment rates increase since implementing the infographic as an easy way to explain their offer.

Increasing Appointments

Ordering janitorial supplies isn’t exciting, and Kelsan realizes this. To make a lasting impression with targeted account decision-makers, Asen brainstormed and created memorable mailers to help them break the ice.

The mailers have helped Kelsan’s sales team get in front of more decision makers and set more appointments.

Calling Reinforcements

Kelsan also needed presentation materials to help them sell the benefits of their company during sales appointments. Asen created a presentation that highlights the benefits of using Kelsan as a janitorial supplier as well as powerful testimonial videos featuring real Kelsan customers sharing what they love about working with Kelsan. These videos serve as strong social proof for potential prospects and reinforce Kelsan’s core message of “We Make You Look Good.”

Going Digital

In addition to the logo, mailers, infographics, videos and presentations, Asen has worked with Kelsan to design email blasts, landing pages and digital ads.

Big results!

Everything Asen has created for Kelsan has worked together to give them a more polished, professional image while giving their sales team the tools to do their job better. The results have been astounding as they have exceeded their sales appointment goals every quarter thanks to the new marketing initiatives.

Kelsan makes their customer looks good; Asen makes Kelsan look good.

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