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It’s not who’s right, but what’s right that truly matters in life (and business).

The last few months have been tough. Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone who is struggling during this pivotal time in our society. And our respect, appreciation, and support is with everyone working to create positive, lasting change on the frontlines of deeply important issues.

With so much going on in the world right now, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or get a little stir crazy. Many of us have spent more time inside than ever recently. Couple that with all-time-high emotions and uncertainty of when we’ll be able to safely return to our new “normal” (whatever that is), and you have a recipe for some serious stress.
At Asen, one of the core values we operate under is this: 

As our CEO always says, it’s not who’s right, but what’s right that truly matters. In everything we do, we strive to work and live by this very important shared belief. This philosophy applies to everything going on right now, and we hope it will continue to serve as common ground for us to all come together on.

Partners, friends, colleagues, mentors, community members… we’re here for you. Not just for your marketing needs, but to help spread positivity and light in ALL areas of your life.

Below, we’re sharing a few of our team’s favorite mental health tips, as well as downloadable coloring sheets, with the sole goal of encouraging people to pay attention to their mental health. Though we realize these words and resources can’t provide the critical changes needed right now, we hope they will serve as a source of inspiration and comfort during extremely stressful times.

Whether you’re stuck at home with restless kids or simply surrounded by unsettling news yourself, we hope you enjoy the message behind each tip and activity sheet. Stress is real right now. But safety, understanding, and positive change for ALL stem from clear heads and open minds. So let’s start there.

Stay safe, stay hopeful, and know you are not alone.

Here are a few of our favorite mental health tips…

  • Start and end every day as relaxed as possible. Stretching, drinking a fresh cup of coffee, or just taking a few extra minutes to do something you enjoy in the morning can put your entire day on track for productivity and positivity! Similarly, taking a little bit of extra time to wind down at night can be extremely helpful after a long day of dealing with the ups and downs of work and life.
  • Take care of your body and mind. We’ve all heard these tips before— drink plenty of water, eat well, exercise… but what about fun ways to take care of yourself? Enhance your skincare routine, give feng shui a try at home or work to set a soothing mood, take up a new hobby (boxing? biking? kayaking?)… the possibilities are endless!
  • Set actionable, achievable goals. One of the best ways to promote strong mental health is by getting things done (big or small!). Setting daily, short-term goals is just as important as having solid long-term goals. Just make sure they’re realistic! Not being able to accomplish your goals on time can actually add to your stress, and who wants that?
  • Set time aside to recharge. Finding quiet moments to recharge helps spark new inspiration and motivation (both of which are key to getting through tough times in good spirit and health). Don’t forget to prioritize yourself and your needs right now. You deserve it.
  • Embrace creative expression! Now more than ever, expressing yourself is critical. As creatives ourselves, we realize many people hold heavy thoughts and emotions inside instead of embracing healthy, creative outlets. Draw, paint, write, build something… do whatever makes you happy, and do more of it than usual!

Relax with these custom printable coloring sheets… fun for all ages! 🙂

Now is the time to spread light and positivity. Print your favorite or print them all! Color them by yourself, with your kids, as a surprise for a friend, or as a team with your colleagues. Everyone could benefit from a little encouragement right now.

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