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We’re aficionados of brand development building off key principles of traditional advertising applied in a digital spectrum. asen is a full-service advertising agency focused on creating integrated strategies that move the needle and result in successful outcomes.

We see brands as partners, not clients. Small ad agency culture, big results. Be more*

See why we’ve been successful for over 35 years…

35 Business Quotes to Live By

We all need a little inspiration every now and then. That’s why we’re celebrating 35 years of success by sharing 35 of our favorite business quotes! So fill up that coffee mug, sit back, and enjoy the newfound motivation waiting for you below. "Your work...

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Data Makes Marketing Better

With the recent revelations about Facebook's data leak, there's been much discussion lately about how much data Facebook and other platforms, like Google, have about their users. Without a doubt, this data in the wrong hands can have consequences for society as a...

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What We’re Reading & Watching at Asen

Being in the marketing industry requires at least a slight knowledge of most things pop culture. So, it's not surprising that here at Asen, we're all keeping up with the newest entertainment. Take a look at what shows, books and movies we are all enjoying this month!...

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