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Depending on where we are and when, we’re shown thousands of ads a day—and most of those ads include some sort of message.

The brands behind the messages tend to have similar goals: increase sales, improve awareness, drive conversions… the list goes on. But at the end of the day, they all really want one thing: To connect to their audience and convince them to take immediate action. And the right messaging can help them do it by tapping into emotion.

Quick Messaging Myth-Buster

“Anyone can write” is true. “Anyone can write effectively” is NOT true.

Though not everyone realizes it, there’s a lot that goes into strong, effective brand messaging. So how do you spot the difference?

There’s no one checklist that can be used to determine whether a writer is good or bad. In reality, consumers read copy subjectively, meaning there’s no “right” way to write. There are, however, effective ways to sell a brand’s value in today’s crowded market.

Writing to Sell a Product/Service

The main difference between brand messages and other types of writing (journalism, novel writing, etc.) is sales. Writing to sell a product or service—or just a brand in general—requires strong attention to the brand’s identity and campaign goals.

As a general rule of thumb, an effective brand copywriter should be able to:

  • Tailor messages to each specific platform a brand is on (and there are a lot these days!)
  • Write web copy with UX and SEO in mind
  • Write campaign copy that helps achieve brand objectives, while also incorporating the company’s vision and values
  • Solve a target audience’s pain points first and sell the brand second
  • Write with longevity in mind
  • Provide rationales as to WHY certain layout structures or strategies were chosen

A Strategic Marketing Opportunity

Not valuing effective brand copy is a missed marketing opportunity. Because when done right, it encourages people to take action now.

If it’s really good (and the ultimate brand value is too), strong messaging can even help bring customers back to your brand in the future… or tell a friend about their experience… maybe even leave a positive review online.

Good copy is a sales tool that can help you thrive. Let’s chat about your brand’s messaging strategy and goals! It all starts with a friendly conversation.

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