How to Use Memes to Connect with Your Customers

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We’ve all seen them, even if we may not know what they are. An image, often taken from a popular movie or TV show, with large block letters spelling out a (usually) funny message.

They’re called memes. And they can be just what your brand needs to make a lasting impression…

Memes originated on message boards as a way to communicate ideas and feelings using little to no words. Over time, they’ve evolved into the images we see all over our digital news feeds today. Why? Because they’re instantly relatable. They appeal to emotions we all have (okay, some more than others) and the right one can lighten just about anyone’s mood.

So, how does this play into your brand’s marketing? First, you’ll need to answer one key question:

Fad… or Ad?

While they may seem like a fad, memes can be an incredibly effective form of communication. But like any trend, it’s important to consider which ones align best with your brand and audience before including them in your marketing and advertising efforts.

Sure, that meme about your recent dentist experience is funny. But is it best for a brand like Hershey’s, whose customers are known for having a sweet tooth? Probably not.

Memes are a modern play on trending content and media, which means it’s also important to consider how your audience could interpret the message (versus how you assume they will).

It’s the 21st century, and people (especially internet users) are watching the content and language coming from brands more closely than ever. While you can’t please everyone, there are ways to integrate memes into your content marketing without… well, missing the mark.

Memes in Your Marketing

Memes work in marketing when they resonate with audiences. The recipe for success here? The right message + the right audience + the right time. When you follow this rule of thumb, you can create memes that encourage positive customer and brand experiences. And the more positive the experience, the more likely they are to remember it!

Memes are an incredible marketing tool when cohesively tied to other tactics supporting a comprehensive campaign strategy. While it’s not good to use them exclusively, sprinkling them into your marketing strategy can help amplify your brand voice and reinforce your brand value.

Good Memes Make a Connection

Today’s consumers want authentic brand experiences and real, engaging connections—two things that memes were quite literally created to achieve. Need a smooth icebreaker for a new business opportunity? Share a meme to start the conversation. Looking to connect better with your customers? Use memes as common ground to come together on.

Let’s take a look at a quick example from The Memeing of a Marketer’s Life, a meme book created by the Asen team to convey everyday challenges and mishaps in the marketing world.

This meme connects because it instantly conveys the frustration many business owners feel when their competitors are “out marketing” them. Pair that professional pain point with a personal one (in this case, a critical in-law relationship), add context with a familiar visual, and you’ve got a meme that’s expertly crafted to connect.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little out-of-the-box thinking to connect with your customers in a unique way. Ready to find out if meme marketing is right for your brand? Let’s chat!

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