Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Marketing (Part 2)

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Preparing for the launch of a new product or service can be quite the process, so it’s crucial to set specific goals and parameters for measuring campaign performance.

But before you dive that far down the planning rabbit hole, it’s important to ask yourself a few key questions…

In part one of this article, we explored five essential Q’s to consider prior to launch day: 

  • “Who is my product/service intended for?”
  • “Which online channels are my customers most active on?”
  • “Which offline channels can help reach my customer?”
  • “What kind of message best resonates with my customer?”
  • “How can I motivate my customer to take action immediately?”

Read on for five more essential questions that will help you achieve your smoothest launch yet.

1. “What are the key features of my product/service?”

Having a unique position in the market is crucial to beating out the competition. Consumers need a reason to choose you over everyone else in your industry. Find ways to stand out from similar products/services: distinct value, exclusivity, personal touch, creative storytelling…

But, considering consumers tend to choose products or services that make their lives easier, one of the most important things you can offer customers is the ability to solve their problems…

2. “What problem(s) does my product/service solve for my audience?”

A product or service consumers need will succeed in the market far longer than one they merely want. Creating an asset that eliminates a persistent problem or inconvenience, simplifies their days, or affords them more freedom or flexibility will set your company apart in a big way.

To answer this question, determine what your target audience needs and where those gaps are in the market. Then, align your product or service to fill those gaps if possible. Once you do that, you’ll know exactly why you’re the best solution for them and will have an easier time conveying it in your marketing efforts.

3. “Is my brand being represented consistently across the board?”

Brand continuity is essential in creating awareness and positive experiences around your product or service. Inconsistencies in your branding and messaging can result in confusion, frustration, and even detract prospective customers from engaging with your brand further. 

Consistent branding and messaging, on the other hand, develops trust with your audience—so keep this in mind when developing your content strategy!

4. “Does my website need tweaking before traffic increases?”

Before launching a campaign or putting out any kind of marketing, be prepared for a spike in web traffic. Take time to make sure everything is running smoothly—from your website and social media pages to how your brand is represented on search engines and review sites. 

A bad first impression can be an internet “kiss of death” for brands these days… That’s why having the right web partner is so important. From UX navigation to site speed to content and everything in between, referring to an experienced web partner like Asen can go a long way in fine-tuning your customer’s overall brand experience.

5. “Have our internal processes been assessed & adjusted to prepare for a busier period?”

When your campaign launches, the last thing you want is an influx of leads your internal team isn’t prepared for or equipped to manage. That’s why investing in sales training, new hires, or communication-based team building activities before launch day is so important. 

Determining who will be responsible for new leads and hiring or training new team members in advance can make all the difference later. In addition to ensuring every new lead has a great experience with your brand, it can even save your team valuable time during the sales process. Win, win!

Pro tip for avoiding hold-ups during busy sales periods: Consider developing a general sales script your team can use to answer common questions from prospective customers (or defer to a marketing partner with proven sales experience to help develop this with you!).

Ready to prepare for launch? Let’s chat to find out how we can help you reach new heights!

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