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Business-to-business marketing has always been about building and growing relationships. However, the business landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. 

To stay ahead of the curve, B2B marketers need to continually adapt their strategies and tactics. With the rise of digital technology comes the need for B2B businesses to meet their target audience where they are: the online marketplace. 

In short, this means B2B marketers must refine their approach to effectively leverage today’s top communications channels like digital advertising, the web, and yes… even social media.

Let’s take a look at three examples of proven lead generation strategies that can help make the most of your B2B marketing efforts:

1. Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has been around for a while, but there’s new buzz building around this kind of strategic selling. Simply put, ABM is a highly-targeted and process-driven strategy for identifying and engaging with key accounts for your business.

Unlike “traditional” inbound marketing, ABM targets specific, high-value accounts and engages with them using a personalized approach to develop the relationship and uncover new opportunities.

ABM is a strategic, multi-step process that requires deep alignment between the sales and marketing departments. It also requires patience and discipline. Everyone involved needs to understand the desired outcome and be willing to stick to the process in order for ABM to work. 

The good news is, when it’s done well, ABM can offer you: 

  • Significant return on investment
  • Stronger customer relationships 
  • Higher value, long-term accounts
  • Easier days for your entire team

2. Brand Partnerships 

There are all sorts of ways for brands to partner with outside organizations. And, while this approach has long been part of the B2C playbook, B2B companies can also successfully leverage partnership programs—but it takes careful research and planning to come up with a strategy that will get both you and your partners big wins.

Brand partnerships can take many forms, from straightforward joint business ventures to influencer marketing campaigns. One of the simplest ways to develop a partnership program is through incentivized advocacy. By working with happy customers to help them share the word about your company, you can develop an exciting partner program that pays lasting dividends.

Influencer programs can also be a good investment for select B2B brands. By working with well-known industry leaders, you can create high-impact campaigns that increase brand awareness, improve recall, and ultimately produce leads.

Pro tip: The key to creating a successful partnership program is strategy backed by careful research. Once you’ve identified the right partners and established a plan that benefits all parties involved, you’ll want an experienced “mediator” to help oversee the plan and keep everyone on the same page. Like all good marketing programs, it all comes down to strategy and execution.

3. Thought Leadership

Every B2B company should be exploring thought leadership content. Although the term “thought leadership” is usually applied to well-known personalities like keynote speakers or authors, this kind of content is extremely valuable for brands in every industry.

Thought leadership content serves as an opportunity to showcase your industry knowledge and expertise in a way that offers value. When it’s done well, this content can help improve the way your brand is perceived and establish you as a trusted source for customers and potential customers. Not only will this help differentiate your company from the competition, but it can also help you build valuable business relationships and generate high-quality leads.

What These Strategies Have in Common 

All of these strategies have something in common: They require careful planning and a deep understanding of your market and ideal customers. Putting these kinds of strategic initiatives into action is easier when you partner with trusted experts who can help you ask the right questions and find the answers you need to put together a successful, lead-generating plan.

Ready to explore? Let’s chat about your business goals and begin working on a plan to drive more leads with these advanced strategies.

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