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Life on set can be… hectic. But if you know what to expect before shoot day, it can also be a ton of fun for all involved! After all, everyone’s there to accomplish the same goal: help your brand thrive with stand-out video content.

The Importance of Video Marketing

Video: Arguably the most important part of a modern day marketing strategy. But why?

Currently making up more than 80% of online traffic, video is today’s #1 tool for converting leads into sales time and time again. Like it or not, video is everywhere these days—and when it comes to selling in the 21st century, it’s expected that all brands utilize it to some degree.

Good video marketing ultimately begins with two things: a strong strategy and a creative team to help bring the concept to life. Once you have these things, here’s a quick look at how it’s done…

The In’s and Out’s of Video Production

With so much market competition and video easily accessible online, sharing consistently unique content is a big task that can feel daunting. The right video production agency or marketing partner knows how to prepare clients and talent for a productive day on set, while still showing them how fun (and lucrative) the process can be!

After nearly 40 years in the industry, Asen’s come to understand the questions and concerns clients (or talent) may have prior to shoot day. “Do I need to prepare/wear anything specific? Who’s going to be there? How’s the day going to go?”

Film day can be a lot… unless you know the in’s and out’s of what to expect.

  • THE PREPARATION. If you’re the talent, the best thing you can do to feel prepared and confident on set is study the script or storyboard in advance, even if it’s just a few run-throughs in a mirror.

    Your dedicated account manager at Asen can advise you on clothing, shoes, or makeup for the type of video you’re producing. They’ll also align with you, the videographer, and additional talent the week of the shoot to verify the schedule because it’s important to us to be respectful of everyone’s time.

    As for the day or two before, the best thing you can do is get some good rest, stay hydrated, and show up ready to make it a great day!

  • THE CREW. While on set, you’ll likely meet and work with a director, videographer, audio technician, gaffers (a small film crew), and set assistants. The team will work with you scene by scene to ensure the process runs smoothly and top-tier content is captured. Your account manager will be there to keep everyone on schedule at a comfortable, yet efficient pace and answer any last minute questions you or the crew may have.

  • THE EQUIPMENT. Videography requires a lot of equipment to stage and light a scene correctly. So much so, that it can be overwhelming if you’re not expecting it. While on set, watch your step as you move around equipment like tall lights, cameras, and reflectors. And keep in mind it’s all there to help you shine!

    If you’re speaking on camera, you may be asked to attach a wearable microphone to your clothing. You can also expect lights to be used to enhance dim areas or remove harsh shadows, especially if the location is indoors and doesn’t offer much natural light.

Film Day: Your Brand’s Time to Thrive!

On film day, the videographer will work in-sync with the director and gaffers to stage the lights and equipment, adjust mics as needed, and prepare to capture the appropriate angles.

If you’re the talent speaking in a scene, you can expect to run-through the lines once or twice beforehand. You may receive feedback from key team members on things like tone or hand gestures, then you’re ready for action!

Pro tip: If you’re asked to repeat a line after a successful take, don’t assume it was bad! It’s extremely common for videographers and art directors to want to capture multiple takes. The extra footage can be valuable when it comes time to edit.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy yourself! Show up as yourself… because that’s who we want you to be. The camera will pick up on the authenticity and your audience will, too. Don’t worry, if you stumble on any words or someone sneezes in the background, we’ll be right there with you to adjust on the fly.

In the meantime, make sure to follow us on social media (@thrivewithasen) or head to our blog for more behind-the-screens video marketing content like this!

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