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We’ll take care of the research so you don’t have to!

In our industry, research is a top priority. Without first understanding your brand, industry, and competition, it can be challenging to go to market effectively. At Asen, we’ll work with you and your internal team to understand your business and goals on the deepest level possible. Because no matter how creative or groundbreaking it may seem at the time, marketing is only truly effective when you don’t stray away from the big questions…

Who is my audience and where can I find them?
What are their needs, values, and buying behaviors?
How does my product or service make them feel?
What are my competitors doing and is it working?
What will the next 5 years look like in my industry?

“Creativity requires input, and that’s what research is. You’re gathering material with which to build.”

– Gene Luen Yang, Cartoonist & Teacher

Understanding Your Needs

In any industry, the first step to building your brand is a thorough analysis of your market. By this, we mean looking into your audience, competition, and overall industry to determine where your brand stands versus where you want it to be.

After we’ve completed the market research, we’ll brainstorm the most effective, efficient ways for you to go to market and formally present our research and recommendations to you and your team. The best part? All research is yours to keep and utilize moving forward.

During our market research, we’ll look at several related factors, including your:

Business Model

Understanding your current business practices is key to determining areas of opportunity for your brand. We’ll work with your leadership team to learn all about your operations and efficiencies.

Core Values & Goals

These act as the “bones” of your brand. Your brand values and goals should be consistently reflected in all marketing efforts, which is why discussing them with your team at this stage is so important.

Strategy & Processes

From sales to lead generation, we’ll analyze your current strategy and processes to determine whether or not they’re doing what they were created to do… driving business to your brand!

Target Audience

Reaching the right people in a way that resonates with them is key to increasing your bottom line. That’s why it’s essential that we understand your audiences’ demographics, values, interests, and purchasing behaviors.


We’ll evaluate your top competitors in order to determine what they’re doing well and poorly. Then, we’ll use that information to better understand the ideas and processes that generate the highest return in your industry.

Branding & Messaging

Before recommending where your brand should go, we need to understand where it’s been. We’ll review all past and current advertising, including branding and messaging, to determine areas of strength and weakness.

Online Presence

In today’s digital world, being online is important… but not as important as presenting yourself well online. We’ll determine if your digital presence is consistently adding value to your brand’s overall image.

Public Perception

Audience feedback is one of the most valuable sources of information we have as marketers. We’ll learn how consumers feel about your brand and determine if your marketing is communicating who you are effectively.

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