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Git ‘N Go Market

Saying that this brand is full of personality would be an understatement. Git’N Go is more than just a one-stop shop for all things gas and groceries, it’s a way of life. Owner, Joe Hollingsworth, and his team have been serving up fresh food with a side of Southern hospitality to Anderson County locals for decades. Joe came to us in 2017 with the goal of increasing food sales and it’s been a heck of a journey since!

What We Did

Website Design
Kiosk Design
Print Collateral
Social Media
Digital Marketing
Product Design
Digital Menu Boards
In-store Screen Animations

Gittin’ to Know Git’N Go

When Git’N Go came to Asen, it was a brand on the horizon. Joe had done a good amount of groundwork, but was excited to see what we could do to help the brand expand and get the local “food favorite” recognition it deserved. Seriously, we recommend trying one (or three) of their award-winning hotdogs… you can thank us later!

One thing that’s clear about this brand from the moment you interact with it is Joe’s commitment to the community and the strong Appalachian pride. Every member of the Git’N Go team embraces their roots— and it shows in their customer service.

One Big Personality, Coming Right Up!

To highlight the brand’s history and personality, we interjected a whole bunch of humor and some slight Southern sass into the new messaging and advertisements. We love opportunities to get playful with brands and have been excited about our role in Git’N Go’s growth since the beginning of our partnership. Everyone involved in the creative process believes that life should be fun and full of daring adventures, which resulted in big ideas and even bigger results for the brand.

Warning: These Photos May Cause Your Stomach to Growl

Our strategy for Git’N Go’s food photography was to make everything look so delicious that customers couldn’t help but place an order. We worked with a crew to produce this result and help the brand drive food sales. Our in-house food stylist partnered with a regionally-admired photographer to create mouthwatering images that appeal to the target market’s cravings.

We know the quickest way to someone’s heart is often through their stomach, so we wanted the new, fresh photos to be present in every interaction people had with the brand.

The Dogs Go Digital

To go along with the new site and product photos, Git’N Go needed some digital help. To improve customer experience and avoid overworking busy kitchen staff members, we developed menu boards and kiosk ordering stations. That way, customers could search for menu items faster and unrushed workers could focus on delivering the highest quality food.

The digital advertising portion of Git’N Go’s marketing plan was implemented in order to reach locals where they are— their phones! We targeted Anderson County locals through digital Facebook ads and provided them with exclusive promotions, such as coupons. Ever since we started their digital campaign, demand has skyrocketed and the Git’N Go team hasn’t been able to wrap their hot dogs and burgers fast enough!

Letting the Good Times Roll

Before coming to Asen, Git’N Go had never worked with an advertising agency. The results we’ve seen so far during the partnership have exceeded expectations and proven that our collaborative nature and industry expertise are invaluable in helping the brand grow. Today, customers continue to rave about Git’N Go’s vivid new imagery and humorous messaging. Moving forward, we will be focusing on driving road traffic to stores and building strong social and digital plans that strategically involve community members throughout the targeted region.

Make sure to follow along as we continue our exciting journey with Git’N Go!

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