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“How can hiring a marketing agency benefit me and my company?”

We get this question a lot. Maybe you already have an in-house marketing director or team. If so, why would you need to look for outside help for projects you can do yourself? Let us help you understand why you might consider partnering with an agency to help you achieve the results you really want. Here are the top insights you will gain when working with a professional advertising and marketing agency.

1. Planning & Strategy

Planning and strategizing takes place at the very beginning of your time with an agency. The minute you walk into the door to your first meeting, your agency team has already begun to research and familiarize themselves with your brand. After spending time with you and gathering a solid understanding of your ideas, goals and objectives they will formulate a marketing plan to help you best achieve your set goals. This involves determining the strongest marketing tools to use to reach the desired target audience to convert to sales as efficiently as possible.

2. Targeting & Communications

Now that your agency has a plan and strategy in place, it’s time to decide how to communicate this to your desired target audience. Determining your target audience is one of the most important stages in a marketing program. It would be a waste of time and resources to try to sell milk to a cow, so putting all of your energy into a demographic that will buy the milk, like cereal purchasers, is much more effective. Once your agency has identified your ideal audience, they create the messaging that will resonate best with them.

3. Creativity

Developing brand visuals for advertisements, storyboarding commercials, designing and developing websites and many other creative projects are much simpler with the help of an agency’s team; not to mention the quality is almost always much better given their professional experience. Visuals and messaging work together to create an effective campaign. It’s what can set your brand apart in the best way if handled correctly.

4. Production

An agency has the team and skills in place to produce many different types of projects for you. They design, code, plan, direct and place media on your behalf all while staying in constant communication with you. In short, you create a plan together and an agency will take that plan and follow through on every detail, allowing you to perform the many other important aspects of your job without being bogged down by daily to-dos.

5. Data! Data! Data!

One of the most important parts of any marketing and advertising campaign is analytics. Analytics tell you how your campaign is being perceived and how effective it is for achieving your goals. It’s so easy to launch a new marketing campaign and completely forget about it, especially within your company when everyone has so many other things to be worried about! Having an agency take care of this justifies ROI and effectiveness of your marketing dollars because they are continually studying, tweaking and improving campaigns by the data. The goal of analytics is twofold: prove ROI and continually work to improve results.

6. New Brand Ambassadors

When partnering with an agency, expect to expand your team of brand ambassadors. A good agency will dedicate themselves to always be looking out for you – presenting strategies and projects that will increase your brand reach and convert to solid sales. They will be transparent and honest when communicating with you to help build a solid partnership that will help your brand meet and exceed your goals.

Be Wise

When choosing an agency, it’s crucial to do your research. Check out their website, review their service areas and portfolio. You want an agency with a history of providing real results for their clients. But remember, an agency is way more than just a list of services and a price on the dotted line. It’s a team whose only desire is to see your company achieve what you never thought was possible.

Lastly, a good agency wants to be an integral part of their client’s team. Agencies and brands need a solid partnership to be successful.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency to team up with, give us a shout and we’ll set up a time to chat!
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