Calls to Action: How to Captivate & Entice Clicks with CTAs

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Take a minute to think about all the ads you’ve clicked on, the billboards you’ve read twice, the new products you’ve been convinced to try, or the upgrades you’ve accepted… 

More than likely, whether overt or subtle, each of these experiences involved a design, some intriguing idea, or compelling copy that drew you in. 

There’s a reason you didn’t immediately say no thanks and move on… And it probably involved some type of engaging call to action (CTA)

Guiding your website visitors, social media followers, and ad viewers through a smooth, user-friendly onboarding process is essential to landing new business and creating a good customer experience from day one. And strategic CTAs can go a long way in helping you out. 

Let’s go over the basics: 

What is a CTA?

Call to actions are exactly what they sound like: short, actionable statements—often clickable buttons or links—that motivate your viewer to make the next move. 

The best CTAs are simple, but enticing. They don’t necessarily need to be memorable, but they do need to be unique, compelling, and clear. Most importantly, a good CTA leaves no room for interpretation about where it will lead to and highlights the benefits the visitor has to gain from clicking. 

For example: ‘Get the Goods’ could be a potentially effective way for ecommerce product brands, especially in the food and drink or retail industries, to generate immediate excitement by hinting that something ‘good’ is waiting to be theirs. All they have to do is click.

Why Your Brand Needs Strong CTAs

CTAs act like stepping stones for your potential customers. They may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but when used right, they can be powerful tools for converting leads into sales. 

On top of that, they help add to a seamless customer experience during every brand interaction. Whether it’s a website form, digital or social media ad, eblast link, or an encouragement to ‘call now’ from a TV spokesperson, if your audience is engaging with your brand you need strong CTAs to seal the deal.

Pro tip: The most easily accessible CTAs are digital because your audience can click on them immediately, but don’t undervalue other forms of connection on print media, like QR codes!

Seize Every CTA Opportunity

CTAs act as a final hook to make all the time, effort, and budget poured into your marketing efforts worth it. They are the final bridge between your brand and customers, so never miss an opportunity to connect through them!

Even the smallest missed opportunity in this part of your brand’s messaging could cost you new business. As a consumer, there’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to make a purchase or support a brand but not knowing where or how to do so. Not only does this look bad for your brand, it can lead potential customers to your competitors.

Last but not least…

Keep Your End Value in Check

No CTA—no matter how intriguing or clever—can make up for a product or service that lacks customer value (i.e. something your audience actually wants or needs). 

A viewer or visitor is never going to make a decision to choose your product solely based on what a button says. CTAs are meant to act as value drivers, not stand-alone sales techniques. So before you dive into CTA brainstorming, take time to evaluate what you’re advertising and how it will benefit your audience. From there, you’ll have the insight and information you need to create captivating CTAs based on real value!

Need a starting point in your marketing process or campaign? We’re experts at making a splash in marketing with creative CTAs! Let’s chat about how we can help you thrive.

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