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2024 Social Media Engagement Strategies (Our Gift to You)

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We’ve been thinking about a way to show our clients and partners just how much we appreciate their continued support over the past 40 years…

…then it hit us. There’s no better way to help you thrive than by helping your business grow in the new year. And that’s what we do best at Asen.

As a “gift” to all business owners and hardworking professionals this holiday season, here’s a quick rundown of 2024’s most anticipated trends, including a few of our team’s top engagement strategies for growing social media accounts in a competitive online landscape.

Platform: Instagram

  • Trend: Collaborator posts and user-generated content (UGC).
  • Strategy: Social media runs on collabs and UGC, which you can leverage through interactive contests, giveaways, and collaborator posts that encourage followers to share their experiences with your brand. If your audience is engaged and wide enough, you can create a branded hashtag and ask users to submit content related to your products or services through it for easy collection of fresh content.
  • Result: Build a sense of community and trust around your brand while getting more eyes on your content. The best part about UGC? It’s an organic strategy that doesn’t require paid advertising (though that always helps).

Platform: Facebook (Meta)

  • Trend: Real, responsive connections between consumers and brands they follow.
  • Strategy: Implement an interactive chatbot and personalize the responses to engage with your audience in real-time without sounding robotic. Use the chatbot to provide instant customer support, gather feedback, or offer exclusive promotions… just make sure to keep an active pulse on why your audience is reaching out so you can optimize your chatbot to be the most helpful and effective.
  • Result: Personalized brand interactions and timely assistance can help enhance customer satisfaction, improve brand perception, and increase conversion rates.

Platform: TikTok

  • Trend: Short-form video content (between 15 to 90 seconds in length).
  • Strategy: Create entertaining or insightful short-form videos that offer shareable/savable value for your followers. Make sure the videos align with your brand’s voice and values, but don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Some of the most popular “shorts” on social media today use emotion (like humor or heartwarming messages) to convey their message and promote engagement. Once you’ve created a short video that checks these boxes, add a trending audio and keyword-packed caption to boost the post’s visibility.
  • Result: Higher brand awareness among younger demographics in your audience, as well as the opportunity to drive more traffic to your website and other social media channels. (And yes, there’s always the chance your video will go viral within TikTok’s community, but there’s no “silver bullet” to ensure this happens. The best thing you can do to achieve this goal is ask: Would I want to watch or share this video if I was my customer?)

Platform: LinkedIn

  • Trend: Thought-leadership content tailored to your audience and industry.
  • Strategy: Establish thought leadership by regularly sharing insightful industry trends, case studies, and professional tips. If you have 5-10 minutes per day to spare, you can also participate in relevant LinkedIn groups and discussions to actively foster meaningful connections within your industry and community.
  • Result: This type of content positions your brand as a trusted expert in your market, which can help attract potential customers, lead to new partnerships, and expand your professional network for business growth opportunities.

    Read our blog on how to maximize your LinkedIn presence here.

Platform: Pinterest

  • Trend: Active, engaged users shopping on social media.
  • Strategy: Curate visually appealing pins that showcase your products or services in different contexts and organize your boards based on categories that make sense for your business. If you have an ecommerce store to drive users back to, create a similar setup of content to maintain brand recognition and ensure the process for shopping on social media is as seamless as possible. 
  • Result: With direct links to product/service pages, you can expect more traffic to your website and increased visibility for your brand and specific products.

Platform: YouTube

  • Trend: Educating while entertaining followers.
  • Strategy: Utilize “edutainment” content by developing a consistent content calendar with a mix of informative videos about your brand and offerings (how to’s, what to expect, product demos, etc.) and fun, culture-focused videos (behind-the-scenes, day in the life, etc.). In addition to a strong keyword strategy for video captions and alt texts, this mix of educational and entertaining content is great for keeping current followers engaged while drawing new eyes to your videos and page.
  • Result: Establish a stronger, loyal subscriber base, improve your brand’s search engine rankings, and increase credibility through informative and engaging video content that paints you as a subject expert in your industry.

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