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Implementing a new marketing campaign is one big-picture solution to attracting new customers, impressing returning customers, and inspiring both to take action.

Have a new product or service you’re looking to bring to market? Want increased sales on existing offerings? Looking to connect with your audience and improve awareness of your brand or offerings? All of these objectives can be accomplished with branded marketing campaigns, and we’re here to help ensure your campaigns are ready for a successful launch.

Timing is everything.

The ideal timeline for a campaign launch depends on the scope and complexity of your campaign. You will want to allocate enough time to: 

  • Identify your target audience
  • Decide on methods & frequency of message delivery
  • Develop campaign assets
  • Test your strategy
  • Familiarize your sales team with campaign objectives
  • Implement follow-through protocols

Launch timing will also depend on seasonality of products and services and when they may be in demand. It’s important to base your campaign calendar (planning, asset development, setup, and launch) on a deep understanding of who you’re selling to and why they should care or take action.

Make a real impact on your audience.

Identifying your target audiences, developing clear messaging, and incorporating eye-catching creative assets are non-negotiables for setting up an impactful campaign for launch. But there’s another critical element to making the greatest impact: utilizing multiple marketing channels. This could look like a display ad in their browsing window, followed by an eblast or direct mail piece, as well as active social media posts or ads.

Things to Consider While Creating Your Campaign

  1. Invest in research. One of your best budget investments will be through market research. The money you spend on your campaign will give you a solid return only if you base it on invaluable knowledge of your industry, your target audience, your competitors, and current public perception of your brand. 
  1. Get creative. Level up your campaign game with compelling brand collateral and creative assets. This can include elements like digital ad sets, eblasts, sales presentations and scripts, videos, streaming audio clips, environmental graphics, print collateral, and more. Make sure to include pieces of your brand’s messaging (i.e. brand story, core values), as well as branded colors and imagery to improve recall. Utilize eye-catching graphics, emotion-driven language, and action-inspired CTA’s to connect with your target audience and help accomplish your campaign goals. 
  1. Brand consistency. Consistent brand identifiers such as logo, font, and color usage will promote brand recognition and the likelihood that customers will recall your brand and campaign more easily, take action themselves, or even tell others about you. Use well-developed branding throughout your campaign to ensure your audience knows it’s you!
  1. Test everything. Test phone numbers, contact forms, online carts, surveys, videos… whatever customer interfaces you include, test them multiple times before launching. Also, spend some time choosing and testing different ad types… search, display, video, social… use them to align your campaign with your company’s objectives to hit home with your audience. 
  1. Communicate with your team. If you choose to follow just one piece of advice, this is it: Inform your sales, marketing, and other internal teams about the ins and outs of the campaign prior to launch. Make sure they understand their role in the campaign and how to follow through, especially if interested prospects are going to be introduced to them as part of the process.
  1. Know your identity. Make your mission, vision, and brand values clear, concise, and accessible for those who are meeting you for the first time through this campaign. Your name, tagline, and logo are a few key components that should be rock solid. If you are going through some growing pains, make sure they’re hammered out before launch day.

Pro tip!

Nothing is more reassuring than a top-notch customer service team. To keep your customers happy and returning, prepare your team to support new leads that come in from the campaign. Training your team to efficiently resolve any kinks that may arise is the best way to ensure a smooth launch.

While every campaign is unique, these tips can help positively impact audiences and achieve goals in any industry. Want to discuss your options further? Ready to delegate the details? Tap into our expertise! It all starts with a friendly conversation.

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