Is It Time to Refresh Your Packaging Designs?

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From strategizing to selling, the product marketing journey can be a long one… and one you ultimately want to end in a purchase.

If your brand is trying to make an impression on crowded shelves or at the point of purchase (aka a register, checkout kiosk, or online shopping cart), enhanced creative packaging may be just what you need to stand out. Let’s find out, but first…

What is Packaging Design?

Packaging design encompasses the strategy, creation, and sometimes structural build-out of the protective casing a product lives in when it goes to market. An effective packaging design must resonate deeply with the intended audience by utilizing captivating visuals, a strategically-organized hierarchy of information, and consistent brand elements to strengthen shopper recognition and recall.

Why is Attention-Grabbing Packaging Design Important?

Businesses today have an extremely short window of opportunity when it comes to capturing attention and making a sale. So short, in fact, that many studies have found it only takes between 1-3 seconds for consumers to form an impression. This initial impression can influence long-term perception of your product or brand, so you want the shopper’s experience to be in your business’s favor! One way to do that is with attention-grabbing designs.

The Benefits of Effective Packaging Designs

Effective, out-of-the-box packaging accounts for multiple factors during the design process, including aesthetic appeal, brand identity, the customer experience, competitive edge, and the goals the seller is trying to achieve. 

With these factors in mind, businesses in many industries can utilize creative product packaging designs as a tactic to:

  • Capture attention & improve recall
  • Drive decisions with strategic calls-to-action
  • Communicate essential information
  • Evoke a specific emotion
  • Strengthen trust & brand loyalty
  • Encourage word-of-mouth

Could Your Packaging Designs Use a Refresh?

If you’re considering reevaluating your product packaging, ask yourself (and your customers, if you can!) questions like: 

How do customers feel about the current colors and language?

Does the complete package offer adequate information? (consider labels, inserts, etc.) 

Does the packaging accurately reflect our brand, staying within set style guidelines? 

These seemingly small details in design can add up to make a HUGE difference when it comes to making the sale in a crowded marketplace… or not.

Where to Start: Partnering with a Creative Agency

So you’ve decided to refresh your packaging designs, but you’re not sure how to get started. The best advice we can give you is to partner with a creative marketing team or agency that has experience designing for similar audiences and industries.

Whether you’re looking for new packaging design solutions or you’re interested in putting a creative spin on your current branding, we’re here to help with decades of marketing and packaging design experience. Contact us to get started and learn more about what the process looks like for us!

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