Capture your audience’s attention at the point of purchase.

Between 0.7 – 2.2 seconds. That’s how long you have to make a lasting impression on an average shopper today.

From food-safe retail to point-of-purchase displays, your packaging needs to be optimized to grab attention and keep it. Because at the point of purchase, nothing matters more than big, bold design.

Want eye-catching packaging that sells itself?

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Bags, boxes, bottles… You deserve a partner who can do it all.

Whether you’re looking to create a new design from scratch or put a new spin on your current branding, a comprehensive strategy and collaborative team of experts is all you need to reach packaging nirvana!

5 steps to packaging that pays off…

Brand Assessment

Color, shape, size, font… all of these things contribute to your audience’s decision to buy from your brand. By aligning our teams on an assessment of your existing designs, we’ll be able to pinpoint key areas of opportunity for appealing to your audience.

Market Assessment

Effective design becomes challenging when you can’t see the complete picture. Get answers to important questions like: What do today’s consumers look for in product packaging?… What brands are they purchasing from regularly?

Evaluate Your Brand’s Needs

After open discussions on your brand and market, our teams will come together to identify your unique packaging design goals and formulate a plan for success. Because nobody knows your brand like you and your team, and nobody can create designs quite like ours.

Strategy & Design

Once a winning plan has been established, it’s time to execute it. The most collaborative and creative step in the process, this is when our teams will work as one to implement your enhanced packaging strategy and the captivating designs that go with it.

Manufacturing Magic

Now that you have a successful strategy backing up bold new designs, you and your brand are officially ready to go to market! With a wide network of proven manufacturing partners, we’ll bring your new packaging to life and to consumers everywhere.

Did you know…

72% of consumers say packaging design can influence their purchasing decision and 63% even consider it as important as the brand itself.

Rise Above with Real Results

Increased Brand Awareness

Improved Perception & Recall

Higher Product Sales

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