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Block Party

Second Annual Emory Place Block Party to be held August 20, 2016 Block party celebrates the craft & culture of the Emory Place neighborhood The second annual Emory Place Block Party will be held on Saturday, August 20, 2016 from 2:00pm to 9:00pm. The event has...

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The Importance of Networking and Being Everywhere

The Importance of Networking and Being Everywhere Growing up, I was taught the importance of getting along with everyone and always making a great first impression. The reason? “It’s a small world; you never know who you’ll meet and who they are connected to. You...

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Apps vs. Designer

Can anyone be a graphic designer? A lot of people think if you work on a computer… design must be easy. Because all you have to do is to play with colors, create geometric shapes, arrange text and voilà! Sounds like everyone can do it, right? NOT HARDLY! That is like...

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The Silver Bullet

“I want a silver bullet,” demanded the client. I asked them to explain. “You know… a video that goes viral, a fancy website or how about an app?!” Sigh. Let’s start from the beginning… Marketing all begins with a solid foundation of research and analytics. Words and...

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We’re adding new team members!

Asen Marketing is seeking a forward thinking front end web developer.  This person should be experienced and motivated. You’ll be collaborating with a team of talented, fun, idea-driven people. Responsibilities: Write well designed, testable, efficient code by using...

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2016 season is in full swing

2016 Season Is In Full Swing The Super Bowl. Really, it’s all about the ads, isn’t it? Those little 30 second sit-coms or tear-jerkers that are as much about entertainment as advertising. If you don’t believe that, check out what is the most searched Google and...

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