While natural foods are the best source of vitamins and minerals, sometimes it’s difficult to get everything your body needs out of your diet, especially for those who have undergone bariatric surgery. This is where BariLife comes in!

  • Market Research
  • Mascot Development
  • Logo Design
  • Tagline Development
  • Website
  • Packaging Design
  • Tradeshow Collateral
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Digital Marketing
  • Print Marketing
  • Social Advertising

The Goal

BariLife’s all-in-one bariatric multivitamins and supplements help keep patients healthy after surgery and prevent vitamin deficiencies. But even the greatest products sometimes need help reaching the right audience.

BariLife approached Asen in order to do just that. Their ultimate goal was to propel past the competition in a crowded supplement industry using a creative new brand strategy and image. So that’s what we did…

Asen began by analyzing the competitive market and developing a brand story that would differentiate BariLife and connect them with their target audience.

The Journey

Our teams worked together to develop a new logo, UX website design, enhanced packaging design, and patient-driven marketing collateral to match the brand’s new message.

Bringing “Life” to BariLife’s Branding

For their new brand image, we created modern design elements that utilized brighter greens and yellows, and evoke feelings of energy and life. Then, we took it a step further by introducing a new brand mascot with a similar color palette and positive energy…

Introducing Dr. Bee!

Dealing with the effects of bariatric surgery can be difficult, and reading through pages of supplement information can feel dull and monotonous. For this reason, we created Dr. Bee— a brand mascot that would provide BariLife customers with simple information in a lighthearted, positive manner.

As an added bonus, Dr. Bee also helped differentiate founder, Dr. Stephen Boyce (informally known as Dr. B), from his competition!

Dr. Bee helped capture their customers’ attention with an authentic representation of what the brand stands for: brightness, personal power, and good health.

Bee-utifying the Web

Once we had those key brand elements in place, it was time to bring BariLife to the web. The brand’s old website was difficult to navigate, wasn’t mobile-friendly, and wasn’t optimized to drive conversions. But their new website came together beautifully— combining their bright, energetic palette with seamless UX functionality and sales-driving e-commerce features.

In addition to a UX enhanced website, BariLife also had a need for video marketing. One of today’s top marketing tools, video is an extremely effective way to appeal to your audience, especially in a complex industry such as the supplement industry.

From educational videos about BariLife supplements to heartfelt customer and founder testimonials, Asen helped BariLife bring their message to life using several video strategies and creative elements.

In addition to their website and videos, Asen has helped BariLife drive sales and increase awareness through tactful AdWords campaigns and consistent social media marketing. But online wasn’t the only place Dr. Bee needed to be…

Website Designs

A Packaging Upgrade

In order to be truly successful as a brand today, you need to look at your entire image. Asen knew that, which is why we collaborated on a new design for all BariLife packaging. We established a consistent look across all products with only slight variations on packages with different flavors or types of products inside.

Now, BariLife’s packaging is 110% in-line with the brand’s personality and look, meaning post-bariatric surgery patients will not only recall the brand easier, but will resonate with its positive message more as well.

The Results

Aside from a drastic increase in customer interest from their new packaging and video work, BariLife saw the biggest spike in sales from their consistent, ongoing digital campaigns and all-around improved online presence.

While with Asen, BariLife’s brand re-launch and marketing efforts gave them the boost they needed to become a strong force in the bariatric supplement industry. They received increased interactions at trade shows, better buy-in from physicians carrying their products, stronger social engagement, a huge boost in website traffic, and (most importantly) a dramatic rise in overall sales.

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