Just four years ago, CareCuts of Knoxville started serving its local homeless community. Since then, this nonprofit organization has successfully pulled more than 90 people off the streets and helped place them in safe homes and paying jobs. Their mission? To lead by example and encourage other cities to replicate their model solutions to homelessness.

  • Logo Redesign
  • Overview Video
  • Business Cards
  • Promotional Collateral
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ongoing Consultation
  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Management

The Goal

Being a nonprofit, CareCuts is 100% volunteer-based, meaning any and all help they can get is appreciated.

Asen knew that CareCuts has never had a true marketing partner looking out for them, which is why we decided to lend a hand by producing pro-bono work for the organization.

In the beginning, the work Asen did for CareCuts was focused solely on generating awareness. But after digging a little deeper into their needs, it became clear that they also needed help securing volunteers and obtaining donations.

The Journey

One of the first things Asen did for CareCuts was a “mini” brand redesign. This included their logo and website— two critical components that help improve recall and brand image when strategically designed.

CareCuts’ new website features their new logo and brand marks, along with enhanced messaging that speaks directly to their mission and needs.

Connecting to the Local Community

In addition to a strong website with a clear path for both volunteers and donors, Asen also recognized a need for strong video content.

As today’s top marketing tool for generating awareness and engagement, video was the perfect medium for CareCuts to tell their story through emotional testimonials.

Collateral for a Cause

As their new go-to marketing partner, Asen’s job didn’t stop there. Together, our teams brainstormed on budget and what other brand elements the organization’s would benefit most from.

Given that CareCuts is heavily involved in the local community, we agreed that some promotional material would help them achieve their goals without breaking the bank.

To match their enhanced branding, we designed new rack card flyers and business cards for their team to use as sales material when searching for new volunteers or donors.

“The Asen team has helped our Ministry and the local homeless population create deeper connections within the community and beyond. Our leadership, volunteers, and the less fortunate we serve are all humbled by and grateful for Asen’s support.”

― Marti Baker, Founder of CareCuts Knoxville

Speaking to Their Mission Through Social Media

Next, Asen took on the role of social media manager for CareCuts. Today, we actively manage the organization’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.

From the start, our goal on social media has been to make CareCuts a more interactive brand that seamlessly draws in volunteers. By consistently posting positive content in-line with their new branding, CareCuts generates more local interest and creates an online presence that authentically speaks to who they are.

The Result

At Asen, we love being a part of Knoxville’s community. CareCuts is an organization that’s extremely close to our hearts, and we’re proud to be able to do our part in supporting its mission.

Since our partnership began, CareCuts has enjoyed more ongoing donations, new brand awareness, and increasing interest from volunteers. Moving forward, our teams are actively collaborating on new ways to continue driving growth for the organization. Most recently, we were able to help align their team with East Tennessee’s Design Center, who has committed to revamping their entire facility.

With CareCuts, Asen, and East Tennessee’s Design Center working together to help eliminate homelessness in Knoxville, the future looks even brighter for our beloved community!

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