On a mission to propel spinal surgery, ChoiceSpine brings cutting-edge technology and a broad range of patient-focused solutions to the spinal surgery industry. A niche company with an even more niche audience, the ChoiceSpine team knew they needed marketing strategies and campaigns that would help reach more spinal device distributors and resonate with surgeons in their B2B market.

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  • Strategy
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Website
  • App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Tradeshow Booths
  • Print Collateral

The Goal

In order to bring new spinal device products to market, ChoiceSpine™ recognized the need to engage in a comprehensive marketing partnership. Ever since, we’ve partnered with ChoiceSpine on their comprehensive marketing plan.

Together, we strategically work to meet and exceed the team’s ever-growing internal and external goals. Their initial goal? To improve awareness as a leading choice for spinal products in the industry.

The Journey

When Choice first came to Asen, our team noticed an immediate need for branding and comprehensive marketing support. Together, the ChoiceSpine and Asen teams decided it would be in their brand’s best interest to revamp their existing brand and enhance their marketing with new business strategies before bringing their spinal products to market.

But because branding is about so much more than just looking nice, Asen needed to first do extensive research into the ChoiceSpine product line, previous marketing, and target audience.

From there, we had the information and insight both teams needed to create something that would resonate with their extremely niche audience (spinal surgeons and product distributors) and present them as the industry leader they desired to be.

“Asen feels like part of our internal marketing team. We work together seamlessly to create and implement effective strategies that put ChoiceSpine products in the hands of surgeons everywhere.”

― KC Gilbert, ChoiceSpine Vice President

Keeping It Consistent

As with any brand, the importance of consistency across the board can’t be expressed enough. That’s why our team worked with ChoiceSpine to develop consistent visuals and concise messaging that appeals to the spinal surgery community and continues to paint them as the powerful, innovative company they work hard every day to be.

Once their new website was up and full of custom product photography and videography, a brand style guide was developed to help keep both teams consistent in design and messaging.

With these tools in hand, ChoiceSpine was ready to go to market.

Along with traditional marketing efforts, such as print advertising and trade show booth design, Asen also recognized the need for an improved online presence.

A Comprehensive Online Presence

In order to enhance their audience’s perception of the brand and reach them where they are (online!), we developed general awareness and product-specific digital campaigns, complete with social media management and email marketing.

With such a specialized audience, targeting and qualifying ChoiceSpine leads is no easy feat. However, our team of skilled digital strategists were able to pinpoint these desired leads and put ChoiceSpine products directly in front of them through various forms of digital marketing.

Informative & Captivating Video Content

In addition to a strong online presence, ChoiceSpine stood to benefit big from effective video marketing. By providing educational content in a more personal, emotional way, video is able to turn qualified leads into real sales faster than you can say, “action!” Together, our teams have partnered on the production and campaign implementation of videos, including a storytelling brand overview video and interview-style product highlights.

App-solutely Groundbreaking

Most recently, our team custom-developed a ground-breaking Augmented Reality (AR) app for the ChoiceSpine team to use for virtual, interactive product demonstrations. Smartphone users with the app can now virtually “tour” ChoiceSpine products and access information at the tip of their fingers!

From interactive 3D models and video interviews with product designers, the app was developed in an effort to make learning about ChoiceSpine products and solutions that much easier for surgeons and distributors. Our in-house developers worked closely with key members of the ChoiceSpine team to bring this app to life— quickly and efficiently!

The Results

Alone, ChoiceSpine’s digital marketing program increased search by 340% in just one year and reduced the cost of converting a lead into a paying customer by 9%! But their numbers are more than just impressive online.

In such a niche audience, Asen has been able to deliver countless qualified leads to ChoiceSpine, where they then used their new and improved sales strategy and funnel to seal the deal.

Today, we continue to partner with ChoiceSpine on comprehensive marketing, including the ongoing development of new sales management tools and product campaigns as the industry and technology continues to advance.

With Asen’s help, ChoiceSpine is thriving in their industry, building more and more brand equity and recognition every day.

So far, this partnership has led to immense growth for both teams— and we’ve only just begun! We see a bright future ahead for ChoiceSpine, and we’re excited to play a significant role in their success story as their dedicated marketing partner.

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