With over 40 years of experience in touchscreen manufacturing and more than 25 million installations worldwide, Elo stands as a leader in touchscreen point-of-sale and interactive solutions. In fact, maybe you’ve used one of their products in a gaming machine, interactive kiosk, hospitality system, point-of-sale terminal, or transportation application.

  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Drone Footage
  • Script Writing
  • Talent Sourcing
  • Location Scouting
  • On-Set Direction

The Goal

ELO’s goal when they came to Asen was to produce high-quality videos that demonstrate the many benefits of their advanced touchscreen technology. Together, our teams strategized and developed a comprehensive video marketing plan that continues to put successful case studies in front of prospective consumers across the nation to this day.

Our ongoing partnership with Elo requires an open line of communication. From beginning to end, both Asen and the Elo team are involved in our process for producing high-quality videos. Their team sets up case study candidates, while we help formulate compelling stories that demonstrate how an Elo product or service can be used to eliminate pain points for their customers.

As an interactive brand, we knew Elo needed attention-grabbing videos to drive consumers to get involved with their products and services.

Full-Service Video Production

As a full-service agency, our production team coordinates everything, from securing talent and scouting locations to on-set direction and post-production editing of final videos.

Our goal was to produce turn-key videos that increased Elo’s brand awareness, driving sales. In order to do that, our team needed to create diverse production sets within functioning retail stores, showrooms, restaurants, golf courses, corporate headquarters, manufacturing facilities, health clubs, and more.

We’ve worked with a diverse group of talents on our Elo videos. From professionally trained actors and models to corporate representatives with no on-camera experience, we’re used to it all. Our team of industry-made “inflection and expression” coaches know just what Elo needs to deliver sharp scenes with intentional body language and a natural flow of information.

Don’t Forget the Photos!

In order to be as efficient as possible, Asen also allocated time on-set to producing supplemental marketing material for the brand. Combining these services gave Elo more bang for their buck and Asen the opportunity to help take the brand to the next level.

On certain video shoot days, we were able to capture long-lasting drone footage or still images for the high-end tech brand as well. Asen also coordinates, directs, and post-edits all creative content with the help of their team and some of the most talented videographers and production crew members we know.

The Results

With our team’s years of experience in video production, Elo has been able to capitalize on today’s highest-converting marketing tool. Elo continues to use the videos we create as case studies on their website, in their social media, at trade shows, and as interactive tools for their extended salesforce.

Along the way, the Elo brand has grown tremendously and Asen has gained a long-term partner in success.

We’re proud to help create great results for their team and look forward to producing our next customer-driven content together!

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