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Known regionally as both a world-class athlete and attorney, G. Turner Howard III has been one of the top auto accident lawyers in Tennessee for the past 20 years.

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The Goal

Turner and his team came to Asen in 2015 with an urgent need. After a syndicated marketing effort became too expensive and lost its financial feasibility, the brand was left in a personal injury hole of their own. With fierce competition in their market, they needed help to get back on top… and fast!

The Journey

Law firms often name their practices after the practicing partners, making their brand’s formal name hard to remember. Because of this, Asen began the rebranding process at the very beginning… with a new logo and “sticky” name that would be easier for people to recall in a critical time of need.

From there, G3 Help Me was born. Representing both his life and his brand’s mission, G3 Help Me stood out as more than a name. It’s a promise to help his clients.

Reaching Clients in Need Online

In addition to the new name and logo, Asen developed a website that focuses on converting more visitors into leads by funneling them through a strategic path of information about Turner and his services.

Asen then implemented an integrated digital marketing campaign utilizing SEO, SEM, display ads, remarketing, and pre-roll ads. This comprehensive plan was specifically designed to accomplish G3’s goal of getting more clients in the door, and that’s what it did.

Today, G3 Help Me is a five-star attorney with some of the best reviews and most recommendations in his market online.

Creating Word of Mouth with Video

Because consumers trust other consumers more than marketers or brands, word of mouth is the most powerful tool in any industry. Asen knew the best way to help spread the word about G3 and increase engagement was through effective video marketing. Over the course of our partnership so far, both teams have partnered on the production of several testimonials and commercials for this now five-star brand.

Taking Over the Street

Turner understands that comprehensive marketing is the most effective marketing, which is why we utilize several media platforms to grow his client base and gain his firm more awareness.

Billboard has been a big part of Turner’s rise in brand awareness over the years. Though other traditional advertising platforms have produced great results for G3 Help Me, none compare to the local notability that Turner’s billboards still receive to this day.

To some, “simple, classic, and clean” may not seem like the most groundbreaking characteristics for a billboard. But Asen knew that the legal industry was missing just that in its marketing. In a crowd of monotonous boards, Turner was going the one that was going to be remembered because his brand was powerful, yet concise in its message.

“I would trust none other than the Asen team with our marketing.”

― Nicole, G3 Help Me Law

The Results

From a consistent stream of well-placed billboards to a strategic run of commercials in select network spots, Asen has partnered with Turner and his team on a full range of marketing efforts.

Since our partnership began in 2015, we’re proud to have helped G3 Help Me increase their client intake by 123% and more than double in revenue. Using integrated marketing and a storytelling strategy, we’ve also been able to reduce their average advertising spend by 50% per client.

These are just a few of the results we continue to see come from Turner’s commitment to effective marketing. Today, the firm is thriving in a highly competitive market they once had an extremely low awareness in.

G3’s ultimate goal is to dominate the Knoxville market and continue to grow their presence as a top leader in the region. And with Asen by their side, they’re going straight to the top!

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