Midlab® is an industry-leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals and solutions. Midlab came to Asen in 2016 with the goal of collaborating on a comprehensive marketing plan, including individual product campaigns and internal sales initiatives.

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The Goal

Designed to help them meet both short and long-term goals, Asen continues to serve as an extension of the Midlab team on a fully-integrated, collaborative plan.

When Midlab first came to Asen, they had a dire need for help in both the marketing and sales departments. With no formal sales strategy or process in place and little knowledge of marketing to multiple audiences, Asen knew exactly what to do first: market research, followed by the development of formal marketing strategies.

The Journey

After many conversations with key members of the Midlab team, in-depth online and on-site research was performed and the development of various audience, industry, and competitor profiles were created. From there, Asen was ready for phase 2 of the marketing plan: the development of a comprehensive marketing calendar.

One of the first items on the list? A brand new website!

Midlab’s new site features their enhanced branding and a more defined path for visitors. The product categories were designed to be better organized and easier to navigate than their previous site, resulting in a lower bounce rate and more sales made.

To go along with their new website, Asen has produced numerous landing pages for various Midlab products and innovations.

Supporting Sales Efforts with Industry-Specific Campaigns

Asen proposed a calendar full of actionable items for both teams, spread out over a feasible, yet efficient period of time. The calendar included priority items, such as the development of a new sales strategy and process, lead generation process, and a complete rebrand that would both inspire their internal team and paint Midlab as the industry thought-leader they desired to be.

Once the rebrand was complete, we were ready to help Midlab reach new customers! Because they serve many audiences, ranging from Building Service Contractors (BSC’s) to Long-Term Care Facility Distributors, developing industry-specific marketing campaigns that resonated with each unique audience was critical to helping them achieve their sales goals.

As an example, one industry-specific digital campaign used a combination of Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to attract and qualify 276 leads!

“Under Asen’s guidance, our company has experienced double digit growth and developed a marketing competency that I’m certain will propel us into the future.”

― Matt Johnston, Chief Supply Chain & Information Officer at Midlab

Introducing Innovation

Along with their awareness-building, industry campaigns, our team noticed a need to create market disruption. With our help, Midlab proudly launched the innovative PLUS Label System™.

This universally-understood label system is now featured on all of Midlab’s Maxim-brand cleaning products and is quickly taking the industry by storm. One highly-targeted PLUS Facebook video campaign even resulted in 222 product sample requests in just 5 short months!

Today, Midlab and Asen continue to create market disruption with new innovations designed to make cleaning easier, safer, and more efficient for end users everywhere.

With our help, Midlab proudly launched the innovative PLUS Label System™.

Collaborating for a Successful Brand

In addition to helping their sales team, we also manage Midlab’s social media pages, create fresh content, design trade show booths, produce high-quality photography and videography, maintain their ongoing digital and email marketing campaigns, and more!

But because it’s very much a team effort, their team is essential to accomplishing set goals. After all, no one knows Midlab like Midlab! Internally, their marketing team handles label printing, graphic development (using templates our team created to help save time), and more.

The Results

Today, we’re proud to serve as a fully-integrated, collaborative extension of Midlab’s team. Our industry-specific campaigns and improved brand materials have attracted hundreds of qualified leads and continue to help the brand reach new heights every day.

With their new branding, sales strategy, and lead generation process in place, Asen helped Midlab generate new leads and handle follow-up communications more efficiently than ever. By replacing tedious tasks like cold-calling with audience-driven content in partially-automated drip campaigns, we were able to make business (and life!) that much easier for their team.

Together, our teams thrive as one forward-thinking, unified group of experts. Moving forward, Asen is committed to helping Midlab find continued success by being a dedicated partner in their brand growth and ever-increasing stream of revenue!

Though we’re always finding new ways to improve efficiency and simplify their processes, we’ve already experienced BIG results for Midlab over the course of our partnership.

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