Smoky Mountain Brewery (SMB)

The oldest craft brewery in East Tennessee, Smoky Mountain Brewery has been bringing brews, BBQ, and more to the region since the early ‘90s. Rooted in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the growing restaurant concept has since expanded into Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, and Maryville.

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The Goal

SMB is a friendly, laid-back brand in a fast-growing market. And while being a ringleader in the craft beer market is a cool brag, SMB needed to stay on top of its game by continually refining brews and engaging loyal fans as the industry began to explode in recent years. That’s where we came in!

To help SMB increase awareness and engagement while keeping the brand connected with its loyal fan base, Asen provides strategic marketing consultation, ongoing branding support, captivating visual content, and results-driven advertising campaigns. Together, this partnership thrives on finding new opportunities to keep SMB in its rightful place as one of the leading names in the regional craft beer scene.

The Journey

An established family of restaurants in their industry, Calhoun’s came to Asen with a good grasp on their market and target audience. After many conversations and our own internal market research, we began the rebranding process by making their muted logo a bit more modern.

The subtle changes made to the design and tagline appeal to the restaurant’s prideful, Southern audience by highlighting traditional, American colors and symbols, as well as bringing the logo up to-date in regard to design trends and aesthetic.

After decades of producing work in this industry, our team knew exactly what SMB needed: marketing that was as mouth-watering as the food and brews they serve.

Marketing for the Whole Family

As part of the multi-concept Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants, SMB is all about following the same principles the family was founded on: serving simple, delicious food using the finest ingredients in a clean, attractive atmosphere.

The greater goal for the family—and SMB specifically—has always been perfecting the guest experience. And what better way to show guests (current and prospective) what SMB has to offer than through high-quality marketing, including an updated website and high-quality photography and videography, of course!

Taste the Craft

After decades of producing work in this industry, our team of foodie experts knew exactly what SMB needed: marketing that was as mouth-watering as the food and brews they serve. To give patrons a preview of the SMB experience, Asen produced drool-worthy promotional content with the help of a talented team.

While Asen handles 90% of SMB’s marketing in-house, our hand-selected team of food photographers and videographers are always up for helping us produce compelling visual content for this brand and its sibling concepts. But that’s only part of SMB’s marketing strategy…

Communication That Counts

In addition to highlighting what SMB has to offer through visual content, the brand’s messaging plays a major role in reaching and resonating with their target audience. With the right messaging implemented into the right digital and traditional marketing channels, Asen has been able to help SMB establish a strong, consistent tone of voice that excites and engages audience members across the region.

By partnering with Asen to create captivating designs and clear, consistent branding, SMB has been able to engage loyal fans and reach new ones. With a powerful new brand story and fresh designs backed by in-depth market analysis, SMB is more ready than ever to maintain its position as a regional industry leader while planning for even MORE growth in the near future.

“Asen is always so easy to work with. They always come through with what we need.”

― Kelsey Headrick, Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants

The Results

Today, SMB locations are packed with guests who can’t get enough of the food, brews, and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to being a popular hot-spot to watch sporting events, play live team trivia, and get some good grub, their beers have also become so widely-known and loved that they’re now exclusively available in every Copper Cellar Family restaurant!

After more than 10 years of partnership, Asen is thrilled to be moving into the future alongside the SMB team. Whether it’s idea generation, content creation, or implementing new strategies, we’re proud to work with their team on everything from marketing and operations to human resources. As the restaurant continues to gain market share, we’ll be here to listen to their needs, help them better understand and communicate with their audience, and revamp their marketing strategy as needed.

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