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Dr. Jay Lucas and his team at The Lucas Center have dedicated their careers to helping people look and feel their best. In order to do that, Dr. Lucas knew he needed to first be able to reach more of his audience. In 2018, he turned to Asen for help doing just that.

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  • Logo Design
  • Tagline Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Photography
  • Testimonial Videos
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  • Social Media Marketing & Management

The Goal

Dr. Lucas came to Asen with several short and long-term goals in mind, including increasing consultations, increasing scheduled surgeries, and getting more physician referrals.

The Journey

A big undertaking for any brand in their position, we began our journey with a formal marketing plan that clearly outlined action items for both teams over the following 6-month period. The first action item on the list? A complete brand refresh.

We started The Lucas Center’s brand refresh by developing a new logo and tagline— both of which represent the way Dr. Lucas wants to be seen and the way he wants his patients to feel: confident.

The new tagline, Creating Confidence, speaks to the practice’s credibility and Dr. Lucas’s expertise by concisely answering an important question (and common pain point) among many prospective patients: what will I look and feel like post-surgery?

The new logo paints Dr. Lucas as an artistic surgeon by incorporating a brush-like swoop and a yellow-gray color palette that invoke calmness and positivity.

Oh, What a Wonderful Website

From there, The Lucas Center and Asen partnered on the development of a new website. Their new site prioritizes user experience (UX) by taking visitors through a strategic path of information about Dr. Lucas, his experience, and his services— an opportunity previously missed with their old site. But that’s not the only strategy Asen used to encourage visitors to take action…

The new messaging on the site also focuses heavily on the wants and needs of the audience, versus standard, technical language commonly used within the plastic surgery industry.

This brand is all about making people feel confident in themselves and their choice to visit The Lucas Center. To help encourage visitors that confidence is within reach, the site’s copy needed to be emotional and authentic in order to build trust.

Identifying Opportunities to Stand Out

In addition to their new website and branding elements, Asen knew that high-quality, custom photos and videos would be just the thing to further differentiate their brand in their market. We worked seamlessly with their team over several photo and video shoots to bring the new branding to life with confidence-creating shots.

Then, we brought the images to the web, where we incorporated them (along with some confidence-creating messaging!) into their new site, social media posts, social and digital ads, eblasts, print ads, and more. With these high-end photos and videos, The Lucas Center’s overall image has already improved— taking them from a dated practice to one of the leading centers for cosmetic and plastic surgery in their region.

The Result

Prior to our partnership, The Lucas Center used “a la carte” marketing services from multiple vendors. Now, Asen acts as an extension of Dr. Lucas’s internal team by providing full-spectrum marketing services based on proven data, ongoing consultation, and REAL results.

In addition to an (almost) entirely new brand image, Asen works with The Lucas Center on several inbound and outbound marketing strategies. By consulting with their team on weekly basis, we’re able to identify new opportunities and quickly adjust campaigns as needed. This highly-responsive fine-tuning is just one of the reasons the practice has seen significant growth recently.

Over the last year alone, Asen’s modern designs and clear, positive messaging has grown the practice in more ways than one. When we began our partnership, The Lucas Center’s email open rates sat an average of 3%. Today, we’re proud to say that we’ve increased that number to an average of 22% (compared to the beauty industry’s average of 16.65%).

Additionally, consultations have risen significantly and The Lucas Center has seen a 55% increase in scheduled procedures compared in just one year!

Moving forward, we’re excited to help The Lucas Center continue growing and look forward to even MORE improved numbers. More surgeries scheduled, more website visitors, more engagement… more all-around success! That’s what the future holds for our Asen partners!

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